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CPCU and SCLA are designations of the Insurance Industry primarily for those involved in commercial insurances.  The designations CPCU and SCLA typically exemplify a high moral, ethical, and educational standard, but the case study herein demonstrates quite the opposite.  John R. Pecoraro who was claims manager during the period of concealment, misrepresentation, and alteration/presentation of material fact (resulting in what appears to be rampant fraud) claims to have a CPCU and SCLA insurance endorsement.  We will briefly explore what the CPCU and SCLA people say they stand for and then use this as a basis to launch a Ethics and Code of Conduct investigation in both of these organizations with regard to their member John R. Pecoraro (Aequicap, CastlePoint, Tower Group employed).  We will further use this presentation to contact DBPR (Division of Business and Professional Regulations) and the State Commissioner of Insurance in the State of Florida.  It would seem that if these organizations cannot recognize the widespread ethics violations, then maybe they need to be investigated or exposed for their inequities.  That is the problem with associating with people like Pecoraro.  Their bad behavior rubs off, and reflects on those who support or endorse his bad behavior.
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CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter)

Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU(R)) is a professional designation in property-casualty insurance and risk management. It is the premier designation in the insurance industry, akin to the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for the accounting industry. Approximately 65,000 people have earned the designation, since its inception in 1942. The rigorous curriculum includes eight (8) post-secondary undergraduate-, or graduate-level courses covering topics such as insurance law, history, contracts, ratemaking, and risk management, as well as business courses in finance, corporate structure, and ethics.

CPCU designees are also bound by a Code of Ethics, and must satisfy an experience requirement of at least two years of industry experience. The CPCU designation is administered by the American Institute for Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters

Designation holders have formed a professional society, the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) Society. In addition to annual national meetings which serves as a conferment ceremony, the society has local chapters throughout out the country.

Contact the CPCU SOCIETY

The Professional Association for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters

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The Society of Claim Law Associates (SCLA), formed in 1992, is an organization of insurance claims people who have earned claims law designations from American Educational Institute (AEI). Membership in the SCLA has grown to over 5,000 members in the time since it was founded. The Society is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are elected by the general membership every two years.

Both AEI and the SCLA – partners in claims law education – are committed to providing the insurance claims professional with cost effective educational resources. AEI lays the foundation by providing a comprehensive course of study in claims law that results in industry recognized designations and awards. The SCLA builds upon that foundation by providing its members with continuing educational resources and opportunities. These resources include a Membership Directory for networking among members, a Claims Law Guide that includes relevant claims law information for each state and the District of Columbia (revised annually), an online library – the Reading Room – that provides relevant claims law and coverage articles written by professionals in the industry, and a direct link to Claims magazine online – a monthly publication dedicated to property/casualty insurance claims professionals. Each month Claims magazine offers authoritative insight and analysis that helps claims professionals do their job more effectively. SCLA members are also eligible for a half-price annual subscription to the print version of Claims magazine.

The SCLA Annual Claims Conference & Designation Reception offers claims professionals a claims relevant education program, networking opportunities, and recognition for having achieved a professional designation or award from American Educational Institute. The Conference is open to all claims professionals, but dues-paid members of the SCLA are entitled to a reduced Conference registration fee.

Everything we do is intended to further our mission – to promote claims professionalism through education.

SCLA’s Mission Statement

The mission of the Society of Claim law Associates is to promote claims professionalism through education, improve the level of understanding, knowledge, and expertise of its members in the area of claims law and provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas relating to claims law. The Society will help to establish, maintain, and promote a level of professionalism among its members through its activities and encourage and assist others to become the most proficient and knowledgeable claims professionals they can be.

Phone: (800) 644-2101

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American Institute for Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters

720 Providence Road
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Here is how you can contact "The Institute":

E-mail: Customer Service

Phone: (800) 644-2101

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Initial CPCU Filing against John R. Pecoraro, CPCU/SCLA, prepared for mailing June 8, 2011 while standing by in New York awaiting meeting with parent company, Tower Insurance of New York.
Throughout the correspondence concerning the August 29, 2010 wreck which we outline in launching www.FraudDocumentation.com, the claims manager John R. Pecoraro, CPCU, SCLA uses the reference to his CPCU/SCLA endorsements.  If he indeed went through the training, has the endorsements, and is held to any standard of ethics, then he should be stripped of the endorsements/licenses that allow him to practice.  In this presentation I bring to you the introductory documentation to initiate ethics investigations in each of the following:  CPCU, SCLA, DBPR, and Insurance Commissioner/Financial Services Department of the State of Florida.  If these organizations do not recognize the ethics/code of conduct issues, then each of these organizations needs to be examined for their practices, standards and claims.  Surely someone will recognize the fraud and deceit perpetrated in an industry with out of control management.  If their governing bodies do not enforce the violations cited, then it will be made known to the public, and as I present the facts within you will see that has already begun.  How this plays out is strictly up to you.  You are being placed on notice.
In virtually every contact concerning a horrible wreck on the highway the offending party, John R. Pecoraro uses the letters/endorsements CPCU and SCLA after his name.  One might wonder what does this indicate, and what does this entitlement mean concerning John R. Pecoraro, Claims Manager/Vice President for Tower Group of New York/Florida.  We have outlined these charges, posted all the related correspondence, Civil Remedy postings, and the majority of the evidence including Pecoraro's own e-mails, letters, etc.  The information including this notification to CPCU/SCLA/DBPR will be readily available at www.FraudDocumentation.com for public viewing fully linked throughout the document to bring the proper level of connectivity needed to flesh out the issues.  The designee Pecoraro will soon have his conduct reflect back on those who endorse and support him, as well as be exposed for the world and industry to see how these criminals are treated by their own.  An example will be made.
Rough Outline of case:
In this wreck a Chevy Blazer towing a trailer with a 944 Porsche on the trailer were hit from the rear by a run away 18 wheeler.  The 18 wheeler struck the blazer and tow so hard from the rear that the seat backs of the blazer broke and driver and passenger basically laid down for a 150 foot run as they were accellerated from their travel speed (50mph?) to the truck's travel speed (100mph?) before the 18 wheeler ever hit his brakes.  The Porsche was stuffed in the back window/cargo area of the blazer and a stretch of debris for nearly 1/4 mile was left alongside the road.   The driver of the semi-truck is clearly guilty (as evidenced by FHP report) of careless driving/willful misconduct/reckless endangerment/criminal negligence.  The impact from behind was so great that both seatbacks broke, indicating a "G"force of approximately 20 (TWENTY G's!!) to the passengers!  The 18 wheeler was charged with careless drivingAt the scene the driver of the 18 wheeler provided false insurance verification/proof indicating a fraud at the scene by the driver/dispatcher/owner.  The force of impact propelled the blazer and tow what appears to be more than 1000 total feet down the road spinning violently all the way, and finally slamming to a halt by traveling at speeds in excess of 50 mph in reverse for the last 165+ feet.  The driver and passenger of the contacted vehicle were badly shaken and in shock to say the least.  No investigation for personal injury has been conducted by the assured of the at fault company (A failure under any insurance ethics code).  Under Pecoraro's guidance the insurance carrier rejected liability and seems to have buried their head in the sand (A violation of code).  I have encouraged your member John R Pecoraro to pull his head out from wherever he has it buried and come to the bargaining table.  He has knowingly, willingly, and purposefully committed fraud to avoid liability, and has insisted there is no other course of action, but litigation. (Violation?)  See Pecoraro's March 24/29, 2011 emails posted for public viewing at www.FraudDocumentation.com .
After the abuse by the runaway, reckless 18 wheeler, the real abuse by a runaway, reckless claims team began.  The claims people under Pecoraro referred to herein all represent the runaway/reckless trucker as their assured.  We have been trying to connect with a responsible party of integrity on their side, but all we get is John R. Pecoraro.  He clearly does not fit the bill.  The team headed at all times by John R. Pecoraro it appears began with widespread abuses, good faith violations, attempts at fraud and deception. (The abuses under Pecoraro's management are outlined clearly on www.FraudDocumentation.com ).  Nine months after the wreck Pecoraro still has not investigated the wreck properly and/or handled the loss properly.  His handling constitutes many, many ethics and law violations.  Due to abuses of the claims staff at the hands of the at fault carrier, the victims asked for management in the early claims process and eventually Pecoraro introduced himself, but committed multiple violations including but not limited to committing clear-cut fraud and attempts at fraud, good faith violations, etc.  As you can/will see Pecoraro not only denies liability in a rear-end collision that is irrefutable, but he lies to support his frivolous stance.  It was so odd for him to degrade and debase himself so severely in his introductory email (October 8, 2010 linked at www.FraudDocumentation.com) that I kept him in correspondence for months including, but not limited to multiple Civil Remedy filings in the state of Florida.  Look at the filings posted at www.FraudDocumentation.com .  They ALL relate to Pecoraro's deceptions.  To my knowledge John R. Pecoraro has committed fraud in every single Civil Remedy filing to date on this case! Isn't this amazing!?  The guy takes a frivolous stance, lies to support his frivolous stance, then files numerous filings with State Financial Services Division committing fraud and violations in each, THEN he puts those in the mail and increases his problems by committing federal mail fraud.  He did all this while keeping his parent company and subsidiaries in copy and in line for paying the bill on his abuses.  He opened the door to multiple state and federal violations.  It is anticipated that multiple attorney generals, district attorneys, and insurance commissions will be looking in to this based on my invitation.  This is being escalated to a very high profile very quickly.  I am not sure about what you think of your memberships (CPCU, SCLA, DBPR, etc), but I already think less of your members and membership as a result of your affiliation with the criminal element I have been exposed to using your endorsements.  Fortunately, you have options as does his employers.  Pecoraro has put his employers (Aequicap, CastlePoint, and Tower Group) in multiples of unwinnable situations.  As it is/was his job to manage and minimize risk, he has done quite the opposite and he has mushroomed the risk to damaging countless numbers of people, entities, and organizations.  It is not in our best interest to stop spreading the news about Pecoraro, because his bad behavior is reflecting poorly on all those who affiliate with him and the industry as a whole which you should hold dearly.  This effort to expose Pecoraro and his associates is in part an effort to protect you and your organization, but it is largely to protect the public good.  In my opinion Pecoraro is a menace to society and should be stopped.  We have almost all of the related correspondences listed at our website www.FraudDocumentation.com and if you click on the CPCU/SCLA/DBPR tab on the left then you (and the Internet public) will find this correspondence with links to all the listed correspondence.  All this information and correspondence is more practical  to manage and disseminate online in my present condition.  It is much easier to share the news with the masses as well. Yes, this is being posted live to the Internet for the world to watch and see how you handle a potential menace to society dragging your good name down...... Think, Pecoraro knowingly and willingly committed multiple acts of fraud.   He refused to even make AN offer for our property damages (Read the March 2011 correspondence!), and told us if we wanted to pursue it further we would have to "seek redress" through the court system!!  Is this what you teach your members??  Abuse the public and then force them in to litigation more than 9 months after a disastrous wreck with absolute, irrefutable fault??   One would think this a disaster, but it gets better.  He has been warned that law enforcement, courts, and juries might not look favorably on this.  Meanwhile, you are part and parcel of his abuses because you have endorsed the person behaving in this reckless and abusive manner.  The case keeps getting larger, and larger, which is EXACTLY what I told him and his people in my September 19, 2010 and October 1, 2010 letters!  THEN Pecoraro shows up with his October 8, 2010 letter and filings to follow.  In Pecoraro's October 8, 2010 he acknowledges and connects the dots with his parent company, CEO, and others.  He commits fraud and drags his client companies down, while increasing the losses of the assured, reinsurers, following markets, E&O, etc.  Read the letters!  No, I am not nice.  I do not feel I have to be nice to criminals.    Our expose will not stop at Pecoraro if his endorsements remain in tact.
For a blow by blow listing of the correspondence on the file you can go to www.FraudDocumentation.com .  You can follow the CPCU/SCLA/DBPR link or you can go straight to the "Correspondence" link.  We are making an interactive expose that will likely include release of recordings, correspondence, Civil Remedy filings, etc.  As I told Pecoraro, there are a few more steps before litigation.  No one wants litigation, I assure you.
As you read through the correspondence you must understand that I am a rattled, confused, and abused wreck victim with documented "statistically permanent" brain damage from the wreck. 
Mr. Pecoraro should have handled his affairs in vastly different manner than he did.  In fact, he should have treated a regular citizen better than he did.  Most citizens might sustain the abuse, and not recognize the material deceptions.  Many claims people who work under him would follow his lead and they would learn by example to abuse the public as your endorsed member demonstrates.  You owe the public swift action.  In August 2010 I was struck and abused by a trucker, and struck by your member "designee" since.  I have been unable to work, and have every intention to focus on bringing your member's behavior to the level of exposure such deeds left unattended should have.  After all, if justice is not served, and I cannot work, I have nothing left to do............. A brain damage guy with nothing but time on his hands. 
In the event that I still have your focus (or my own), imagine if you will....A once sharp business/industry consultant is left as a babbling monkey with brain damage, no income, largely in part to one of your members trying to perpetrate a fraud and unwinnable situation against a member of the public.  Meanwhile the incompetent and dishonest CPCU/SCLA member didn't have enough sense to properly investigate the loss, and/or even inquire as to why the victim obviously knew a bit about law and application thereof. Your "CPCU/SCLA" endorsed member is a criminal perpetrating fraud as a normal course of business.  He is teaching these abuses downline to his following. Your member has brought shame on your organizations, and I have no reason not to share this news.  It is actually in my best interest to do so.
Gentlemen if it requires wrecking your reputations, a billion dollar insurance company, and the industry you hold dearly, then I really have no remorse.  Exposing and/or preventing fraud is what I do.  I uphold the ethics many of you purport to have.  Of course, I hold no respect for despicable predators on consumers.  As I saw this unfolding I realized this man and his team does this routinely to people as a course of business.  As you read the correspondence you will see.  As you listen to the recordings you will hear.  As you dig a little, you will learn. The script for a movie could not have been so well written.  It is like David and Goliath!  What this could do for publicity!  Pecoraro was so confident in his frauds I had him repeat them multiples of times to the State Financial Services Division.  I gave him 5-6 chances to change his stance.  Instead of alterring his approach/stance he became well entrenched in his stance.  The guy actually sent letters as he was promoted through the system from three different corporate entities (Aequicap/CastlePoint/Tower Insurance)!  Amazing!   This is not going to be a terribly difficult fraud to prove because even the "forensic expert" attendance referred to was recorded by BOTH myself and the forensic expert.  Pecoraro blatantly lies about the results of the "forensic expert's" reporting to support his frivolous stance.  It is clear from the tapes that Mr. Brill acknowledges lights were illuminated, and the reason for Brill's attendance discussed ON THE RECORDING is for the underwriter/Pecoraro to avoid a million dollar payment.  It is all recorded, and will likely be made available on a public venue.  There is no reason not to.  The responsible/liable parties are trying to play hide and seek.  They really should come out and play, because the only thing I hate more than crooked insurance people is crooked lawyers.
Many bad decisions have been made with a crook at the helm.  That crook is clearly your member John R. Pecoraro. If there was anyone of integrity in the company or on the board one would anticipate they would step forward.  They haven't and there will likely be repercussions as one can imagine. There seems to be clear examples of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.  The use and exposure of these charges to the public will likely affect these devious insurance tactics.  Your industry needs to change.  I do indeed have other things to do, and would prefer to be released from the obvious obligation I have to seek recourse, and move on.  I assure you everyone wants me to do that as well.
As you can see the "risk management" side of the equation is losing, because exposure gets exponentially bigger at each round.  That is by design.  Exposure naturally increases until someone of integrity and authority intervenes.  This is risk management.   What an odd predicament we find ourselves in!!??  Read the correspondence!! I gave them all a chance to get out of the way.  You now have your opportunity as this begins to go public.
Oddly, Pecoraro hasn't appealed to higher authority, or if he has they become liable for his misdealings.  The problem I have often found with dealing with this type of fecal matter is that eventually they turn on their principles (because they have none) and take down huge numbers with them.  We'll see.  The company/companies have a clear cut scapegoat, and an opportunity to take care of this privately.  Multiple contacts have been made with the corporate parent concerning Pecoraro's behavior, but no responsible party has stepped forward.  If I cannot get their attention by private contact, then public exposure may get some attention.
If one is schooled, educated, endorsed, experienced and they still do ridiculously stupid things, committing fraud, filing fraud with the governing agency in their state, and mailing their fraud, then can we consider them an incompetent? or Dishonest?  HOW CAN HE BE ENDORSED BY REPUTABLE GROUPS, and how does this reflect on the group? Who allowed this, and who allowed him to stay? I am tiring of the criminal behavior of your member.  I request and encourage you to address his issues, and respond to my request.
This kind of reminds me of Roman times where the criminal was brought to the coliseum to be judged in the arena.  Those were the days!  Public displays!  Public displays should help expedite proper handling by all those concerned, but there is no down side to someone with an absolute win. It is just not too unpredictable. 
Meanwhile, seeking "redress in the courts" as Pecoraro advocates is not really the best route, nor the route anyone wants to go, because it is a long slow road to where we are heading, and who knows what will happen next!? Very unpredictable.  (See Pecoraro's Email of March 24, 2011, and my response of March 29, 2011.)..........As you can see on September 19, 2010 the claims people were advised to notify management, E&O, re-insurers, etc.  The CEO was copied and his office acknowledged this in Lowell Aptman's letter.  On October 1, 2010 the gross incompetence of the parent office (likely based on Pecoraro's review???) was addressed to the CEO of the parent company.  In Pecoraro's October 8, 2010 introduction he acknowledges both letters (frauds, bad faith, etc) and commits his own.  He was given months and many opportunities to correct his bad behavior yet he didn't!  Read correspondence leading to Pecoraro's March 24/29, 2011 message that was forwarded to the Board of Directors!
As a result of the disastrous handling of this loss I have now lost my primary home, secondary home, motor homes (2), motorcycles, livestock/horses/etc, and a host of equipment and such for my farm while trying to maintain a lifestyle under the pressures.  The effects are dramatic, and consequential costs to the crimes Pecoraro staged are incredible.  The costs have been enormous, and at this juncture I have nothing left to lose.  I see no reason not to return the favor to those who have allowed this to happen or who routinely profit from it.
Due to the threat of retaliation and/or further aggressive action by your member and his associates I will have to go away and be reachable primarily by email only.  Pecoraro and his client companies will not only be responsible for any/all expenses in this regard, but they must now prepare to defend this case from 30+ angles, in multiple state and federal jurisdictions
This may soon erupt into a very large financial nightmare for all involved.  Isn't this how insurance companies traditionally agitate a victim?  Overwhelm them with confusion, paperwork, delays, discovery, etc.?  This is all thanks to your member's consistent mishandling of a claim for which responsibility and liability is obvious.  The cost to litigate will set new records, and at this point there is no incentive to settle short of complete destruction of all connected entities.  With ever increasing costs, exposure, publicity, there are decisions to be made.
I look forward to swift action by all parties, and early resolution.  Otherwise, release the lions into the arena.
Ted Whidden
P.S.  By way of copying the law officers and other organizations listed below, we ask that each begin their own enquiry as to the behavior and handling of this loss by John R. Pecoraro and his staff, and if additional investigations on how this is/was handled by the corporate parents in New York  is required we shall continue, but it is with hope this can be quickly resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.
At the behest of CPCU Ethics/Code of Conduct Enforcement they burden the offended party by requiring they give the specific law broken for investigation/enforcement.
Rule 1 of CPCU is offended by the numerous improprieties, and numerous frauds as outlined clearly in the correspondences at www.FraudDocumentation.com
Rule 3.1 of CPCU is broken by the numerous good faith violations of John Pecoraro. Clearly note that after good faith and fraud violations by John Pecoraro were made aware to him, he remained in contact rather than referring the loss/case to someone of integrity.
Rule 3.3 of CPCU is broken by the numerous laws and ethics violations by Pecoraro as outlined in the correspondences and Florida Civil remedy filings (50+?) at www.FraudDocumentation.com .
Rule 4.1 of CPCU is broken by the overwhelming incompetence of Pecoraro and his staff under his employ.
Rule 4.2 of CPCU is broken by Pecoraro's inefficiency in attempting to foul the claims and court systems unnecessarily.  His frauds clearly serve to foul the system.
Rule 5.2 of CPCU is broken by Pecoraro's devious behavior in view of his underlings, thus encouraging devious claims behavior of his subordinates, which is what initiated the problems we now face.
Rule 6.2 of CPCU is broken by the clear deception, dishonesty, and concealments leading to frauds which are outside of everyone's scope in this relationship.
Rule 6.3 of CPCU Pecoraro overstates his authority when he calls for "redress" in the court system.  He is obviously overly confident in his superiority complex.  There are clearly management positions over this person committing criminal violations within the organization.
Copy to:
Donna Popow, Esq, CPCU/AIC by request; Ethics Counsel
The Institutes
720 Providence Road, Suite 100
Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355-3433
Phone 610-644-2100 Ext 7225
Fax 610-651-7657
J. Chiara
The Society of Claim Law Associates (SCLA)
170 Mount Airy Road
Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Consumer Protection agency, reference #30414128
The Attorney General
Pam Bondi
Office of the Florida Attorney General
State of Florida
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee, Florida  32399-1050
Office of the State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit
Katherine Fernandez Rundle
Felony Fraud Investigations
1350 NW 12 Avenue
Miami, Florida 33126-2111
The Attorney General
Eric T. Schneiderman
Office of the New York Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, New York 12224-0341
New York State, Office of Attorney General
Public Integrity Bureau
120 Broadway, 22nd floor
New York, New York 10271
Daniel R. Alonso
Chief Assistant District Attorney
New York County District Attorney's Office
One Hogan Place
New York, New York  10013
Special Prosecutions Bureau
NYC District Attorney Office
80 Centre Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10013
Director, Frank Orlando
New York State Insurance Dept Fraud Bureau
25 Beaver Street, Suite 542
New York, NY 10004
Fax 212-480-6066
Jeff Atwater
Chief Financial Officer State of Florida
Florida Department of Financial Services
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0322
Kevin McCarty
Insurance Commissioner State of Florida
Office of Insurance Regulations
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0322
Insurance Commissioner State of New York
Fraud Division
New York State Insurance Department
25 Beaver Street
New York, NY 10004
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
1940 North Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1027
Recommended Readings from www.FraudDocumentation.com :
2010.10.01.TW2MichaelLeeLowellAptmanALL.htm, This letter was sent certified to Michael Lee and those listed ripping the letter by Lowell Aptman.  This letter as well as the 2010.9.19 letter is acknowledged by the claims manager John R. Pecoraro when he makes his initial introduction to the victims in his October 8, 2010 email.
2010.10.1TW2KeishaPuseyMichaelLee.htm and 2010.10.1 EightPage.htm Are two copies of the same masterpiece written and sent to the CEO of Tower Group/CastlePoint and all the little people at Aequicap, AS WELL as an email request made of the adjuster Keisha Pusey to forward the mail/package to CEO Michael Lee.  This should demonstrate clear knowledge of the disaster unfolding.
2010.10.8Pecoraro2TW.htm, In this email John R. Pecoraro introduces himself, commits his first known acts of fraud in writing to the victims, and sets the stage for his frivolous stance and continue abuses of the claims systems.
2010.10.10TW2KeishaPuseyALL.htm, Ted Whidden responds to Pecoraro and others (Tower Group) regarding Pecoraro's deceptive/criminal stance of October 8, 2010.
2011.3.15.TW2PecoraroTowerGroup.htm, Ted Whidden shows in great detail many of the frauds, crimes, and material mishandlings of John R. Pecoraro and his staff under his direction.  Pecoraro's numerous frauds are revealed to him.
2011.3.22.Pecoraro2TW.htm, Pecoraro refers to the "disputed viewpoints" and his recommendations for us to get on with our lives.  Pecoraro lines himself out as the responsible party in the claim, and no doubt the abuses of the claim as well.
http://www.FraaudDocumentation.com/towergroup/castlepoint/correspondence/2011.3.23.TW2PecoraroTowerGroup.htm, John R. Pecoraro is advised in this writing that no matter how vivid his imagination he must respond and pay for property damages in the rear-end collision.  To this Pecoraro responds in essence refusing and advising victims to litigate.
2011.3.24TW2PecoraroTowerGroup.htm, After John R. Pecoraro insisting there is no alternative to handling this loss/case other than "redress through the court system", the attached is sent to him.







































































































































































































































































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