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Correspondence contained herein is considered a reasonable copy of the original.  During formatting some content may have been electronically altered.  In some cases names have been masked or modified to assist in connecting or protecting those involved. In several instances the disclaimer at the bottom of emails shared thru the underwriter's messaging system were removed in web formatting. It will likely be found that the use of disclaimers in their email footers is an attempt to conceal material data, and to use this as a tactic to intimidate victims. (Thus another pattern of fraud emerges.)






An incident occurred on Sunday, August 29, 2010 only 5 minutes in to the day (just after midnight Saturday night) involving what appears to be a run-away 18 wheeler at a very high rate of speed (anticipated to be at/near 100 mph) that slammed in to a law abiding driver's vehicle.  The victims in the accident were towing a trailered vehicle.  Misrepresentation and fraud appeared to be present at the wreck/scene wherein the driver of the 18 wheeler Frank R. Delgado (Yera) gave false evidence of insurance coverage at the scene.  Delgado was driving a truck said to be owned/operated by Osmar Oliva Fraud at the scene was followed by poor investigation of the loss.  Meanwhile, the insurance company DENIED liability in the high speed rear-end collision, and lied repeatedly about their reasoning behind it.  When advised that they were operating in bad faith and committing fraud they ignored the advices. The CEO and home office of the parent company (Tower Group) was involved.  The CEO Michael Lee of Tower Group apparently had someone respond and endorse the behavior on his behalf out of New YorkThe respondent Lowell Aptman backed/endorsed the unlawful behavior of the claims personnel operating under the guidance of John R. Pecoraro of Tower Group/CastlePoint from their Miami office.  At the time Pecoraro was working at what appears to be some form of shell of protection for the parent company, but since Pecoraro has been promoted to a position over all claims activity for the state.  

Pecoraro, Michael Lee, and others were advised of the fraud.  The unlawful behavior continued.  Filings to the state agencies are seen at the right side bar of this page.  They continued filing what appears to be deceptive filings to the State Commissioner of Insurance in Florida, and placed the deceptions (fraud) in the U.S. mail, thus committing Federal Mail fraud.  This not only looks to me like a premeditated process and way of doing business, it looks to me like a corporate pattern or culture of fraud.  Following numerous notifications in writing acknowledged by Tower Group, it seemingly indicates they knowingly, willingly, and purposefully committed the acts, and advocate abuse of the legal system it appears by insisting the only course of action is civil litigation.  Legal filings (See right of this page) in the Florida system have been initiated and additional filings in Florida, New York, and Federal courts are anticipated.  Evidences to support the loss are contained herein, with links to much of the pertinent information on the Internet. 

As the website is further developed additional documents and correspondences will be made public. 

A chronology of these and related events can be found at: CHRONOLOGY

The victims of the crash were abused physically at the crash scene by the horrific event, and have been insulted, abused, and lied to by the claims personnel since the event.  They continue to press on with substantial permanent and personal damages.  The tactics of the Tower Group family of companies appear to offend virtually every legal code within the state of Florida.  It seems a matter of their course of business, because thus far a filing has been made against everyone who has touched the file on behalf of the group.  Class action litigation may be in order, with state, interstate, and federal investigations warranted.

Multiple state filings or "Civil Remedy" filings have been made pursuant to Florida State Law (See links right and links to personnel.  Additional links and information to be released).  The Florida state system for these filings requests victims wait 60 days for the violator/insurance company to attempt to address or resolve the issues.  Thus far multiple filings have attracted nothing but ridicule and abuses from the claims manager PecoraroPecoraro has stooped as low as making fun of what was considered  a deaf, mute, comatose victim of the crash, and continues his stance and approach using fraud, attempted fraud, and numerous tactics appearing to operate in "bad faith".  His staff members have been sent copies of Florida Insurance ethics code and Florida Insurance Law, because they do not seem to operate with knowledge of this code.

Rather than mitigating losses for his client company Pecoraro has drastically increased their exposure.  Fraud typically has no statute of limitations, no limit of liability, and the violations committed by the offender in no way affect the loss itself.  Tower Group and CastlePoint still remain liable, but their exposure seems to have mushroomed to cover all their companies, subsidiaries, directors and stocks.

CastlePoint/Tower Group utilized what now appears somewhat like a "shell company" called Aequicap to handle their claims.  Aequicap appears to have gone in to bankruptcy in Febuary 2011, and Tower Group appears to have taken over their book or business, AND hired the claims handlers who had already been reported to Tower Group for their behavior.  Since the frauds and notifications of fraud and fraudulent dealings, Tower Group has hired and promoted the people whom had previously committed these acts under their employ.  The behavior continues (apparently) with the full knowledge and oversight of the Board of Directors and parent company, Tower Group.  It looks like a pattern of business and their corporate culture.  The victim went to New York and notified the General Counsel (Elliot S Orol) and other board members and directors.  They have failed to respond.

May 2011 ethics and code of conduct investigations requested via CPCU, SCLA, DBPR, Attorney General, District Attorneys, and the State of Florida regarding John R. Pecoraro and his endorsements.

For the many violations and obvious failures of CastlePoint and Tower Group to address these issues we have decided to feature this loss as our opening "feature" company.


Correspondence listed herein applies in one manner or another to the case/claim with which makes its debute.  Additional correspondence will be added or removed as necessary for clarity and to follow the continuation.  Some of the more pertinent/interesting messages are highlighted in red.

Since the vast majority of this file is letter/correspondence based this could serve as a basis for a timeline study and a chronology of events/discussions.


August 29, 2010, 0005 hours, only 5 minutes after midnight (Saturday night moving in to Sunday morning) a wreck occurs near milemarker 274 on Interstate 10, Suwannee County Florida, near Live Oak.  The deceptions of the at fault insurance company begin almost immediately, and progress until the time of this posting.

2010.9.19 FourPage.htm, This is the first major notice to the claims criminals handling the claim.  It is rather long and self explanatory.  The issues and events covered herein are apparently part of a law enforcement investigation series by state officials.

2010.9.21.TW2MichaelLee.htm, In this email to Michael Lee, CEO of Tower Group/CastlePoint/Aequicap as it relates to this issue the company's head is notified of the abusive nature of the case/claim/handling only 3 weeks after the incident.  Eventually someone from the CEO/Parent responds behalf of CEO Michael Lee apparently endorsing the bad behavior.  One can see under the Lowell Aptman listing info in this regard.

2010.9.21Commissioner.htm, This is a unique message as we look at it in hindsight.  The victim of the accident clearly identifies hooligan tactics of bad faith, abuses, fraud, etc to the State Commissioner of Insurance. NOTE THE DATE and the apparently "prophetic" referrals to a deviant management system.  When the manager arrives on to the scene these things anticipated come to life, and continue for months, with repetitive behavior to solidify the deviant activity and motives.

2010.9.22.MarlenRuiz2TW.htm, Marlen Ruiz of Oliva Delivery Services advises that Keisha Pusey is on the claim.

2010.9.22.TW2MarlenRuiz.htm, This is another rather "prophetic" message sent to the Trucking Company (Oliva Delivery Services) concerning the potentially criminal behavior of the adjusters Rori Strickland and Keisha Tanisha Pusey under the direction of John R. Pecoraro it would appear.

2010.9.23 Lowell D. Aptman sends his two paid rebuttal letter on behalf of CEO Michael Lee of Tower Group Insurances. Page One, Page Two, Envelope,,,


2010.9.27.ChrisDunn2TW.htm, State of Florida response/advice of open and ongoing insight in to the claims handling less than one month following the wreck.  The response Aequicap/Pecoraro sent to the state regarding this will likely constitute fraud in his state filing.

2010.9.28.TW2KeishaPusey.htm, Ted Whidden sends this email to Keisha Pusey the day prior to her sending the "forensic expert" David Brill to examine the vehicles, exactly one month after the wreck.

2010.9.28.TW2MarlenRuiz.htm, Ted Whidden forwards email from State of Florida to Oliva Delivery Services so they are aware of the oversight being given by the State.

2010.9.28DavidBrill2TW.htm, David Brill sends notice that he will be arriving next day for inspection at Chipley, Florida farm. (Note: It is well established in the correspondences that both Brill and the victim, Ted Whidden, taped the encounter.)

2010.9.28KeishaPusey2TW.htm, In violation of Florida insurance ethics Keisha Pusey contacts victims in wreck with less than 24 hour notice of attendance of forensic expert.  (Florida ethics requires 48hour notice.)

2010.9.28TW2KeishaPuseyandAll.htm, Ted Whidden asks Keisha Tanisha Pusey to refer the file to someone of greater integrity, yet again.

2010.9.29.TW2OlivaCCAequicap.htm, Demand letter for trucking documents sent to Marlen Ruiz of Oliva Delivery Services/trucking from Ted Whidden.  Based on response by John R. Pecoraro the trucking company is not complying with the demand list without court order.  (Notice: John Pecoraro only responds on February 22, 2011 when this request is made through the public records/Civil Remedy system.  Pecoraro is demonstrating the only effective way to get him to respond is by way of the Florida Civil Remedy filings.)

2010.9.30.TW2DavidBrill.htm, Ted Whidden sends David Brill the forensic expert an email reminding him that we both agreed to record our meeting and discussions.  He is encouraged to submit his to his client to bring them up to date on our discussions.  Discussions with David Brill are partly revealed on the David Brill page. Click and see.

2010.9.30.RoriStrickland.htm, Auto-reply from Rori Strickland from message sent by Ted Whidden to David Brill with copies to the Aequicap bunch.

2010.10.1TW2KeishaPuseyMichaelLee.htm and 2010.10.1 EightPage.htm Are two copies of the same masterpiece written and sent to the CEO of Tower Group/CastlePoint and all the claims people at Aequicap, AS WELL as an email request made of the adjuster Keisha Pusey to forward the mail/package to CEO Michael Lee.  This should demonstrate clear knowledge of the disaster unfolding.

2010.10.01.TW2MichaelLeeLowellAptmanALL.htm, This letter was sent certified to Michael Lee and those listed addressing the letter by Lowell Aptman.  This letter as well as the 2010.9.19 letter is acknowledged by the claims manager John R. Pecoraro when he makes his initial introduction to the victims in his October 8, 2010 email soon to come.

2010.10.6 Esther Palmer signs an Insurance Disclosure.

2010.10.7.TW2KeishaPusey.htm, Ted Whidden sends Keisha Tanisha Pusey an email outlining her deceptions and that of her counterpart Rori Strickland.

2010.10.8Pecoraro2TW.htm, In this email John R. Pecoraro introduces himself, commits his first known acts of fraud in writing to the victims, and sets the stage for his frivolous stance and continue abuses of the claims systems.

2010.10.8TW2MarlenRuiz.htm, Ted Whidden forwards Pecoraro's crazy October 8, 2010 email introduction/deception to Marlen Ruiz.

2010.10.8TW2PecoraroALL.htm, Ted Whidden's response (copy to all) regarding Pecoraro's email introduction/deception/fraud of October 8, 2010.

2010.10.10TW2KeishaPuseyALL.htm, Ted Whidden responds to Pecoraro and others (Tower Group) regarding Pecoraro's deceptive/criminal stance of October 8, 2010.

2010.10.11TW2PecoraroALL.htm, Ted Whidden responds to and advises Pecoraro of his early violations, bad faith, misdealings, corruption, fraud, etc.  Pecoraro is advised/warned on October 11, 2010, then makes a dishonest, fraud full filing on October 13, 2010 to the State of Florida.  See next entry!

2010.10.13 John R. Pecoraro's first state filings in the loss referred to herein contained frauds, deceptions, concealments, misrepresentation of material fact, and more.  He knowingly and willingly lied to state officials in his filing in an effort to avoid liability in what his own investigator stated was a million dollar loss.  The first filing made by Pecoraro's organization at the time is found at .  Note: This filing was made to the state and not sent to the victims/offended party as required.  To obtain copy of this document a Freedom of Information Act discovery was required.  It almost makes sense that Pecoraro would try to hide his deception and fraud in this manner.

November 1, 2010 a second filing (first one through the Civil Remedy System) is filed.

November 5, 2010 a third filing (second through the Civil Remedy System) is filed.


December 15, 2010, Monica Sturm of Aequicap (Later to be part of Tower Group) posts a response to the Civil Remedy system on behalf of John R. Pecoraro making herself part of his game of fraud and deception.


2010.12.15 Some of the examples of fraud, federal mail fraud, fraud to a state agency, and other violations are found in John R. Pecoraro's state filing under the CastlePoint name (note envelope for filing). , ,

2010.12.27 John R. Pecoraro is sent a copy of the document demand for trucking documents.  On December 30, 2010 he signs for same.

2010.1.3  Civil Remedy complaints filed.  Notice: Following insufficient responsibility and John R. Pecoraro's continued delay, deception, and denial the following were filed.  Notice: One for Aequicap and one for CastlePoint

2011.2.22 John R. Pecoraro while under the direct employ of Tower Insurance families of insurance sent the following to a state entity stating the victim in a rear-end collision which his assured is fully responsible had launched a "myriad of complaints", meanwhile Pecoraro's responses are a continuance of his frauds and attempts at fraud, and any victim would surely have a myriad of complaints, yet Pecoraro and his staff have not properly addressed any of the complaints, have failed to properly investigate, have failed to settle properly, and it appears broken every insurance and ethics law possible.  See the original correspondence and note the "snail mail" cc indicating federal fraud as well at,


2011.2.22 Notice John R. Pecoraro sends a letter from his new position at Tower Group, explaining he is/was manager of claims for a period at CastlePoint, and transitioned over from Aequicap.  In this letter Pecoraro implicates each company which appears to have knowingly supported Pecoraro's abuses thus far.  As one can see each company and Pecoraro himself are jointly and separately responsible for this activity.  It appears a part of their corporate culture and the companies have made an example of Pecoraro by promoting him while doing this behavior.  See the following and note the "snail mail" cc indicating federal fraud as well and

2011.2.22 John R. Pecoraro responds to a document discovery (Dated October 2010) request that was officially filed with the state to get some form of response.,  (Notice: John Pecoraro only responds on February 22, 2011 when this request is made through the public records/Civil Remedy system.  Pecoraro is demonstrating the only effective way to get him to respond is by way of the Florida Civil Remedy filings.)

2011.2.23 Monica Sturm NOW of Tower Group (she made the transition from Aequicap) files a Civil Remedy response on behalf of John R. Pecoraro of CastlePoint, making herself once again part of his deceit, deception, denial, and fraud.

2011.2.23 Monica Sturm NOW of Tower Group (she made the transition from Aequicap) files a Civil Remedy response on behalf of John R. Pecoraro of Aequicap/CastlePoint, making herself once again part of the confusion and furtherance of deviant behavior.

2011.2.23 Monica Sturm NOW of Tower Group (she made the transition from Aequicap) files a Civil Remedy response on behalf of John R. Pecoraro of CastlePoint, making herself once again part of the confusion and furtherance of deviant behavior.

2011.3.7 Yet another filing against Aequicap.  The point of this filing is the improper insurance verification given by the driver at the wreck scene.  In John R. Pecoraro's response he incriminates his assured/client by his response making fraud at the scene perfected at the wreck site, and Pecoraro himself is not a witness/proof against his own assured.

2011.3.14.TW2KeishaPusey.Strickland.htm, Ted Whidden asks adjusters if their investigation is complete.  Of course if it "is" complete they must explain why they have no information.  If it is not complete, then they must explain why not.  All adjusters involved are in violation of failure to properly investigate, failure to make offer to settle, and other charges.

2011.3.15.TW2PecoraroTowerGroup.htm, Ted Whidden shows in great detail many of the frauds, crimes, and material mishandlings of John R. Pecoraro and his staff under his direction.  Pecoraro's numerous frauds are revealed to him.  This email is copied on to Pecoraro's parent company, but no response.

2011.3.22.Pecoraro2TW.htm, Pecoraro refers to the "disputed viewpoints" and his recommendations for us to get on with our lives.  Pecoraro lines himself out as the responsible party in the claim, and no doubt the abuses of the claim as well., John R. Pecoraro is advised in this writing that no matter how vivid his imagination he must respond and pay for property damages in the rear-end collision.  To this Pecoraro responds in essence refusing and advising victims to litigate.

On March 23, 2011 the entire Board of Directors was notified of what was taking place.  No one responded.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2011.3.24Pecoraro2TWredressincourt.htm, In this email John R. Pecoraro insists on "redress thru the court system" following his deceptions, frauds, bad faith, etc.  To this point he and his team appear to have violated virtually all insurance and ethics rules/laws.

2011.3.24TW2PecoraroTowerGroup.htm, After John R. Pecoraro insisting there is no alternative to handling this loss/case other than "redress through the court system", the attached is sent to him.

2010.4.19 Monica Sturm NOW of Tower Group (she made the transition from Aequicap) files a Civil Remedy response on behalf of John R. Pecoraro of CastlePoint, making herself once again part of the confusion and furtherance of deviant behavior.  Page One, Page Two.,,


2011.4.19 in John R. Pecoraro's state filing from Tower Group Insurances listing himself as Assistant Vice President of Claims for Tower Group Companies, he "perfects the fraud" of his assured the truck driver by admitting the Aequicap policy (as evidenced at the scene of the accident) is not valid.  This will likely serve to convict the assured, trucker, truck operators, and owners for their fraud at the scene.  Pecoraro continues spinning his tales, but seems to be becoming aware that his game is not working too well.  It appears he may finally be getting ready to accept responsibility, BUT he has at the time of this posting not accepted liability.  See the documents at and

2011.5.20, Almost 9 months after the wreck no offer has been made by the at fault party and they refuse to meet, negotiate, and insist on litigation despite the fact they knowingly, willingly have committed numerous frauds.  It appears that to this point we have either failed to reach the responsible party, a reasonable party, or a liable party.  A series of Civil Remedy filings is stage to attempt to reach a party with integrity and/or stir to action a reasonable, responsible party, because they clearly have not been stimulated to move to action yet.  See Florida Filings.

2011.5.24, Message sent to Elliot Orol (Legal Counsel for Tower Group and Castle Point).  Elliot and his gang failed to reply.

2011.5.27 Message sent to the Tower Group/Castle Point/Aequicap gang regarding victim standing by in New York awaiting a meeting.

2011.5.27, Laurie Ranegar autoreply.  Auto-replies such as this demonstrate that the corporate offices were receiving (and ignoring) our requests for integrity and reasonable involvement/intervention.  Note: For clarity the e-mail her system was responding to is included showing a long list of those who acknowledged or failed to respond to the same message.

2011.5.27 Bounced mail from the Tower Group Gang indicating mail delivered to all other recipients.

2011.6.3  Civil Remedy complaints filed: 181904, 181906, 181908, 181912, 181913, 181916, 181919, 181923, 181926, 181928, 181931, 181933, 181934, 181935, 181936, 181938, 181941, 181942, 181943, 181944, 181945, 181946, 181947, 181948, 181949, 181950

2011.6.4  Civil Remedy complaints filed: 181952, 181953, 181954, 181955, 181956, 181958, 181959, 181961, 181962

2011.6.5 Civil Remedy complaint filed 181968

2011.6.5  Email sent to Elliot Orol of Tower Insurance and his Board, office, and those implicated (with auto-reply from Martha Guiry).

2011.6.13  Email sent to Elliot Orol, Michael Lee, and the Board of Directors, officers and employees, advising that package(s) were prepared for shipment.  Note Auto-reply from Susan Eylward of Elliot Orol's office, attached at bottom acknowledging reply.)

2011.7.4  Email sent to Elliot Orol, Michael Lee, and the gang advising them of the CPCU Ethics Probe and Code of Conduct Review of John R Pecoraro.  Note Auto-replies from both Gary Maier, and Martha Guirry acknowledging receipt of mailing.

2011.7.5 Email sent to CPCU's Donna Popow regarding Fraud-based ethics violations and code of conduct review for John R Pecoraro.

2011.7.8  Email sent to Jim Prendergast who is the lawyer appointed by the CPCU/Ethics Counsel to review the complaint(s) against John R Pecoraro.

2011.7.22  Jack T Frost letter sent on behalf of Tower Group apparently under the direction of John R Pecoraro.  Jack Frost 1, Jack Frost 2, Jack Frost 3, Jack Frost 4

2011.8.29  Civil Remedy filing 186967

2011.10.6 Email sent to CPCU's Donna Popow regarding revisiting their initial ruling on John R Pecoraro and his apparent fraud violations.

2011.10.8 Email sent to Elliot Orol and Tower Group personnel.  Note numerous acknowledgements at bottom of page.

2011.10.10 Email sent to CPCU Donna Popow as the SECOND Ethics and Code of Conduct complaint for frauds by John R. Pecoraro. Notice numerous links sent to to Tower Group personnel.  Note: It appears Tower have modified their internet mail delivery and response system.

2011.10.24 Thomas J. McCausland sends his first letter/email regarding his assignment to resolve the loss/incident issue on behalf of Tower Group Companies.

2011.10.25 Email submitting third ethics and code of conduct filing against John R Pecoraro, including letters and Florida Bar filing against Jack T Frost.

2011.10.25  Civil Remedy filing concerning Jack T. Frost.  190510

2011.10.25  Florida Law Bar filing concerning Jack T. Frost

2011.10.27  John R Pecoraro files what he refers to as his 41st response and rejection of liability of the loss with the state.  186967

2011.10.28 Email sent to Jim Prendergast of the CPCU/SCLA ( "The Institute" ) regarding review of John R Pecoraro's bad behavior.

2011.10.31  Thomas J. McCausland sends 2nd letter/email regarding his assignment to resolve the loss/incident issue.  His client is copied, but not named.

2011.11.11 Thomas J. McCausland sends his 3rd letter/email with a follow-up copy sent by regular mail.  In this letter McCausland indicates he has been appointed by Tower Group Companies to "settle" the claim.

2011.11.15  Response sent to Thomas J. McCausland, Elliot Orol, Michael Lee, etc in an effort to resolve the litigious issues of their apparent unlawful handling of the loss.

2011.11.15  Civil Remedy complaint filed 192160

2011.11.22  Civil Remedy complaint filed 192789

2011.11.23 Thomas J. McCausland sends an email which may constitute multiple frauds, attempts at fraud and other violations on behalf of himself, his firm, and his client.

2011.11.25 Victim of the accident/claims mishandling contacts Oliva Delivery Service (Osmar Oliva/Marlen Ruiz) to see if they have appointed counsel as indicated by Thomas J McCausland' letter of 11.23.2011.

2011.11.28  Marlen Ruiz of Oliva Delivery Services responds advising they have not appointed legal counsel.

2011.11.30  Civil Remedy complaint filed 193820

2011.12.01 Civil Remedy complaint filed 193872


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Supreme Court Judge Scalia wrote concerning Pope v Illinois

"Just as there is no use arguing about taste, there is no use litigating about it."

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