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Correspondence contained herein is considered a reasonable copy of the original.  During formatting some content may have been electronically altered.  In some cases names have been masked or modified to assist in connecting or protecting those involved. In several instances the disclaimer at the bottom of emails shared thru the underwriter's messaging system were removed in web formatting. It will likely be found that the use of disclaimers in their email footers is an attempt to conceal material data, and to use this as a tactic to intimidate victims. (Thus another pattern of fraud emerges.)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ted Whidden <www.tedwhidden.com>
Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 9:30 AM
Subject: Fwd: CPCU Complaint
To: Donna Popow <popow@cpcuiia.org>

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From: Ted Whidden <www.tedwhidden.com>
Date: Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 10:29 AM
Subject: Re: CPCU Complaint
To: JPrendergast@buterajoneslaw.com

Mr. Prendergast,

Thank you for your follow up. I would have missed the spelling in
your name otherwise.

I prefer to keep communications in writing to the extent possible.
Before the wreck subject of this complaint I worked in the insurance
industry as a fraud consultant often for Lloyds of London. I had no
idea what kinds of abuses these commercial underwriters inflicted on
the public at the consumer expense. Having had such a bad experience
with your member, I am working on a book/media project concerning an
industry in decline with low/no moral or ethical bounds, and "systems"
built to protect the criminals instead of the public. Pecoraro's
criminal behavior was done knowingly, willingly, repetitively, and
whereas it is anticipated he will try to stand behind another
frivolous concept to sidestep his obligations, we shall see if the
endorsing/governing/training body is as naive as the public in these

It is anticipate the criminal Pecoraro and his people will lean
heavily on the "reservation of rights" concept. This as many know is
a game of smoke and mirrors. What it really means when you boil it
down, they have thrown out every possible frivolous delay and
rejection technique and they reserve the right to throw out more of
them. The "reservation" does not negate the fraud. It does not
override the repetitive deceptive and fraudulent statements to the
state. Fortunately, a court of law will find this guy guilty of
criminal fraud and he has sent the fraud from multiple corporate
positions, opening more opportunities for pursuit. If the
Institute/ethics/code of conduct does not see or take action on the
obvious, then their weak handling and turning a blind eye will be
revealed after the fact, thus incriminating the ethics/code concept of
the CPCU itself. At this point your process may be on
trial............As I told Pecoraro that is the nature of fraud. Once
it begins then it forces other moves/maneuvers of others or everyone
gets sucked in to the original fraud. Fraud is criminal and is
obvious. If you cannot/do not see the fraud, contact me and I will
make it more clear for you.

As you surely must know a corrupt system would seek ways to overlook
the criminal behavior exhibited by Pecoraro and his cohorts.
Meanwhile as the case develops there is no incentive for the victim(s)
to ever back off or settle. We have gotten no proper response from
the responsible parties, and this will serve to further incriminate
the corporate parent and the industry at large. The case/loss/issues
have been clearly spelled out to the corrupt claims manager all along.
What this indicates now is there are many, many angles to pursue and
convict the fraud, and those associated. If the Institute/CPCU can
not see the disastrous handling of this case then they really need to
be brought in to the limelight for the corruption they seemingly
endorse. Can you see this? The CPCU is about to go on trial. They
have brought up and allowed a corrupted system to develop under their
umbrella. If/when they fail in their role to police their members bad
behavior then it should be made public.

I am writing a book to reveal the shady tactics of insurance
professionals such as experienced herein this case. I intend to
reveal to the public how these type/style of companies behave, make
money, and confuse/clog the legal system. The tactics are fairly
simple once revealed, and the book could/should bring disastrous
results on an industry if there is indeed the corruption I see.
Basically, the claims people under Pecoraro (and Pecoraro himself)
have committed a crime/fraud in virtually every contact. It is a way
of life in an industry with no governance. If the CPCU fails in their
role, then this will be used to demonstrate how they handle their own,
and the entire member base can be affected. I am about to put the
industry on trial. At this juncture multiple state jurisdictions,
attorney generals, state attorneys, Insurance commissioners, Federal
trade commission, and a host of others have been invited to look in to
this. As you can see, nearly 50+ Civil Remedy complaints have been
filed as a result of Pecoraro's handling..............It is like a
black hole with everyone who touches it falling off in to the abyss.
What a statement this says about the industry.

All the correspondence you should need is readily available at
www.FraudDemonstration.com . I will be posting additional
data/information as it comes available (Including this email to you).
For the most part, the correspondence and the Civil Filings (ride side
bar of www.FraudDemonstration.com ) should provide you with the
information you need.

Please feel free to contact me by email should you need anything. I
am still undergoing treatment for my head injuries so I am having some
good days and bad..................BTW: In your inquiry ask the
claims manager what is the status and quantum of physical damage
and/or personal injury. They have failed to assess either, and the
most recent correspondence (leading to March 2011) with Pecoraro
reveals this to Pecoraro and his staff. Their limited investigations
failed to properly assess the losses, but since no investigations
properly took place they have no clue what the losses are/were. Ask
them for the road study that they never conducted. Ask them about the
errors in the FHP crash report which they never investigated. Ask
them about the forensic study that has likely not been filed in
writing yet. (In a corrupt industry they would have potentially asked
for a verbal report to mask the details, and have failed to get the
full written report to help mask their fraud. )Ask them why they
never, ever got the day, date and time of the accident correct?
Failure to properly investigate at all turns.

I look forward to swift effective resolution, prior to making the next move(s).


Ted Whidden



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