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Correspondence contained herein is considered a reasonable copy of the original.  During formatting some content may have been electronically altered.  In some cases names have been masked or modified to assist in connecting or protecting those involved. In several instances the disclaimer at the bottom of emails shared thru the underwriter's messaging system were removed in web formatting. It will likely be found that the use of disclaimers in their email footers is an attempt to conceal material data, and to use this as a tactic to intimidate victims. (Thus another pattern of fraud emerges.)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: GN-Gwen Nava <gnava@conroysimberg.com>
Date: Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 2:44 PM
Subject: WHIDDEN V. OLIVA DELIVERY SERVICES (119362) 11/23/11
To: tedwhidden@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Whidden:

As you are aware, our office represents Oliva Delivery Services, Inc. in connection with a claim you have filed against them in connection with the August 29, 2011 motor vehicle accident. We are in receipt of your e-mail dated November 15, 2011 written in response to our letters dated October 24, 2011 and October 31, 2011. In order to properly evaluate your claim and respond to the demands made in your correspondence, we request that you please forward to my attention any documentation you may have in proof of your claim for damages and/or injuries. In an effort to assist you in this process, attached please find a medical authorization form. We ask that you complete and sign this, along with all treating physician information and return it to my attention so that we may obtain any and all records from your health practitioners that you may have treated with for the above noted accident.

Please forward this authorization, once signed, to me as soon as possible with the lists of your medical providers so I can obtain complete copies of the records.

Should you have any questions regarding this matter, please call me.

Very truly yours,

Thomas J. McCausland

Thomas J. McCausland

Conroy, Simberg, Ganon, Krevans, Abel,
Lurvey, Morrow
& Schefer, P.A.

3440 Hollywood Boulevard
Second Floor
Hollywood, FL 33021
(954) 961-1400
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Gwen Nava
Assistant to
Thomas McCausland, Esq.

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