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Correspondence contained herein is considered a reasonable copy of the original.  During formatting some content may have been electronically altered.  In some cases names have been masked or modified to assist in connecting or protecting those involved. In several instances the disclaimer at the bottom of emails shared thru the underwriter's messaging system were removed in web formatting. It will likely be found that the use of disclaimers in their email footers is an attempt to conceal material data, and to use this as a tactic to intimidate victims. (Thus another pattern of fraud emerges.)

From: Ted Whidden <www.tedwhidden.com>

Date: Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Subject: WHIDDEN V. OLIVA DELIVERY SERVICES, INC. (ACF100130​6; J. PECORARO; 119362) 11/14/11

To: gnava@conroysimberg.com , tmccausland@conroysimberg.com

Cc: "Michael Lee, CEO Tower Group" <MLee@twrgrp.com> , "Elliot Orol, SVP General Counsel Tower Group" <eorol@twrgrp.com> , Jack T Frost <jfrost@gaflaw.com>



Mr. McCausland,


I have received your emailed letters of dates October 24, October 31,

2011,  and November 14, 2011 (dated Nov 11, 2011?).  The one part I

missed in the letter(s) you sent by way of Ms. Gwen Nava is the “trick

or treat” aspect of it as they were sent at Halloween.  Please let me

explain.  Your letters may both constitute attempted fraud and other

legal violations and issues.   I will explain in part how the courts

may see your unlawful acts below.  Meanwhile I reserve the right to

pursue lawful recourse against you, your firm, and your client

separately and corporately for your acts conducted as their agent.  As

a member of the bar should know you are held responsible for your own

unlawful actions.   Your client as your agent is also responsible for

your unlawful actions on their behalf.  I reserve the right to

challenge practicing bar status on all lawyers or those who pretend to

practice law for their involvement in these unlawful actions and



On October 24, 2011 you contacted me with the stated purpose of

meeting to resolve a long outstanding loss/case for your criminally

acting client John R Pecoraro/Tower Group/Castle Point.  Where this

may appear at a superficial glance to be an honorable attempt, we see

that on October 27, 2011 (3 days later) your client John R Pecoraro

filed his 41st denial of liability in this loss (41 is Pecoraro’s

count).  Imagine FORTY ONE times John R Pecoraro has written to the

state commissioner of Insurance and often referred to his “original

position” wherein he committed fraud to the state!!!  John R

Pecoraro’s (CPCU/SCLA) denial 3 days after your letter makes your

letter seem quite insincere and potentially an attempt at fraud to

deceive a victim in an accident and/or an attempt to deceive the State

Commissioner of Insurance as if you and your client are making sincere

actions to resolve.  Your potentially unlawful letter will likely

constitute abuse of process, attempted fraud, intentional infliction

of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress,

domestic terrorism and a host of other violations as we will

potentially see unfold shortly.  According to your client, herein is

his response October 27, 2011 to my filing of an earlier date (August

29, 2011):



Referring to your first deceptive letter (October 24, 2011), you state

in paragraph one that you are familiar with issues stated in my

letters and correspondence.  This being the case, then what

specifically would you like to discuss?  You do realize that the 60

day wait period has passed on 41 Civil Remedy filings concerning your

client, and your client can/will be found guilty on all counts (at

least once) if justice prevails?  There is little reason for us to

“meet” unless you are prepared to reverse your client’s position, and

this requires an admission of guilt on a wide array of charges.  Your

client’s criminal mischief is and will continue to be the only topic

for discussion until that element is resolved.  This reversal is

required prior to any meeting, otherwise why have a meeting?  There is

no "good faith" to base a meeting upon.  THAT is why bad faith is such

a problem.  Can you see it?   What would we discuss other than the

implied liability/responsibility that your client has avoided?  Your

clients actions and your letters may already constitute acceptance and



An attorney should know that his fraud once sent via internet or

regular mail constitutes a federal fraud, potentially including but

not limited to federal mail fraud.  If you are aware of this “law” and

the case history, then you should know I would go that route since you

offered the violation so blatantly.


Mr. McClausland your firm, Jack Frost (and his firm) and others seem

to antagonize the situation by your apparent attempts at deceptive

lawyer tricks.  As you will see in the correspondence posted on my

website concerning this loss I have advised your client that once

fraud is committed it must be perpetuated throughout or be

accepted/admitted.  You must accept behalf of your client the

responsibility for more than 41 fraud documents to the state and other

documents that may constitute 150+ frauds by your clients.  I will

explain some of this and allow you to ponder this.  After all, this is

the case that you wished to “meet to resolve”, isn’t it?  It has been

clearly stated to your client that our discussions are well outside of

policy issues and constitute corporate fraud and patterns of fraud

against an individual/victim, likely revealing bad faith strategies

used to deceive the public.  We are not necessarily discussing

insurance issues, but rather unlawful legal maneuvering of your

insurance company client and their agents.  The issues at hand are

corporate patterns and culture of fraud against the public.  Our

discussions have very little to do with the original loss, and as long

as the original cast of “bad faith” characters are in place then we

have no foundation of good faith to discuss the loss, injury, etc.

Bad faith perpetuates with the mere mention or involvement of those

named to this point.  Do you understand Bad Faith?  Does your client?


We have a long standing bad faith situation which you have now

involved yourself as did Jack T. Frost.  Understand any involvement or

mention of John R Pecoraro and his cohorts in this case is highly

offensive to me, and his superficial involvement is a continuation of

the emotional stresses constituting Intentional Infliction of

Emotional Distress, and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Your keeping him in copy in this situation is enough to involve you in

these charges as well…………..Key to resolving a bad faith situation is

to remove the offending party and present a party of integrity.  You

and your firm have failed to be such party of integrity, and Pecoraro

may exemplify the lowest level of integrity I have seen in such

dealings.  He must be removed from the loss, and terminated from the

company before any good faith discussions can begin.  He appears as a

toxic asset and criminal element.  Any company or entity affiliated,

operated or managed by such a deviant is suspect.  Surely, a new claim

manager added to this file can see Pecoraro’s mistakes and would

quickly take a new tack/position.  Pecoraro is the obvious scapegoat

for any/all involved, however as the company holds on to this toxic

asset after clearly being notified/advised, then they appear to accept

the financial liabilities for his misbehavior, and endorse it as

corporate culture acceptable at the highest levels in the company.  If

they wish to keep/protect Pecoraro from ongoing/future litigation then

they can agree to double all the requests/demands to follow.  If he is

worth that much to them, then they may deserve each other.


Your plan to meet in Chipley, Florida is not a good plan.  Firstly, we

have nothing to discuss unless you admit guilt on all charges and

terminate John R Pecoraro.  Secondly, as a result of physical, mental,

and financial stresses of this loss I have lost conventional access to

my residence there and the one in Alabama.  Both home losses are

direct consequences of the horrible handling of this loss, and the

failure for proper action and financial assistance to come from the at

fault parties.  My condition is not stable as yet, and I cannot

predict how/when I can respond in person to the many agitations the

unlawful behavior of Tower Group and their agents.


Following the wreck for a number of reasons I had to dispose of

property, motorcycles, livestock (horses/mules), farm equipment and a

wide array of equipment/assets to cover costs and to avoid risk to my

person as a result of my physical, mental, and financial condition

following the wreck.  All of these losses will be deemed consequential

to the criminal mischief of your client company as handled by John R

Pecoraro.  You do understand consequential losses, don’t you?


Does your client file and/or investigation reveal the full extent of

property losses as a result of the wreck?  Does it include the

original manuscripts strown all over the road the night of the wreck,

or the computers and data damaged in the wreck?  Are you prepared to

engage a loss for intellectual property following your careless client

driver, committing fraud, and a runaway claims manager?  How prepared

are you people?  Thus far your preparations have been lacking

integrity in the approach.  With so many documented frauds, any claim

you or your clients make will appear deceptive, won't it?  The

consequential costs for the ongoing misbehavior and delays could be



It has been clearly stated that the wreck constituted loss of primary

vehicles in a difficult time.  In March 2011 Pecoraro was advised to

address our vehicular losses, yet no positive action was taken,

further incriminating the “faith” aspect of the loss/file.  My losses

financially and otherwise are spiraling as a result of the failure of

your client to take proper action to mitigate my losses. Medical bills

are escalating and beginning to pile up.  My therapies and treatments

are not being conducted as one would hope as a result of your client’s

failure to take proper financial responsibility.  My condition is

being further affected by the delay, stresses and abuses sustained by

contacts with your client, and from the stresses of not being in

proper peaceful position to address and resolve my losses.  The costs

for these things are anticipated to vastly exceed any/all policy



In a time where my industry is booming, I am unable to fulfill my

obligations to my client base as I once did.  My financial losses now

and in the future are the responsibility of your client.  The unlawful

maneuvering of your client and their agents had a clear purpose of

delaying the claim and agitating the victims.  The loss for the

purpose of the fraud and other issues has actually already been



Our meeting at this time would not be productive because your file is

so poorly documented.  Your file is poorly documented because of your

client’s failure to properly investigate the loss.  This is a

charge/violation clearly proven by your lack of information.  Your

attempt to meet with me is likely to paper your pathetic file.

Meanwhile, the entire correspondence file is available online at

www.FraudDocumentation.com .  What do we have to talk about?  Your

client is most likely guilty of failure to properly document the loss

or manage it.  Only one year after the fact does your client seem to

get the day, date, and time correct.  They have failed so miserably in

virtually every aspect of their duties as it appears.  The alert to

“bad faith” and “fraud” 3-5 weeks after the wreck should have brought

about a vastly different handling methodology than we have seen.  Your

client’s maneuvering on their own and by way of agents appears to

constitute criminal mischief.


In my present situation I am experiencing a wide array of problems

with the most noticeable potentially being fits of rage and other

physical, neurological, and other effects.  At present there are still

tests and testing ongoing to determine how to treat the conditions,

yet it is all clearly wreck/incident related.  As one can see from the

file rage is documented, so we might as well state/discuss the

obvious.   It appears this is directly related to concussion issues

sustained in the wreck, with an abundance of physical evidence of same

making concussion issues undeniable.  I can imagine that you can hire

some low life chump neurologist to support whatever wacky opinion you

and your clients may have on this, but respectable neurologists and a

jury of reasonable people can see that residual issues such as I am

having are statistically permanent after 12 months.  I am sure your

side will want to fight this, but your side is plagued with

dozens/hundreds(?) of deviant frauds.  Anything you fight/refute in

court will look like another tactic of your deviant team.   You are

not properly positioned to litigate this case, are you?  Your client

has put you in a losing situation where litigation is futile, and

settlement costs are guaranteed to spiral.


The problem is there is not much opportunity for “good faith” left.

Thus far it appears everyone on your side of the loss has committed,

allowed, or been party to a crime.  It is a tough situation we find

ourselves in.


Speaking to “fraud”, you will note that the original loss is an

absolute, irrefutable fault to the trucker who rear-ended my vehicle.

You will also note that your driver/client committed fraud at the

scene, thus making your only witness at the wreck/scene a less than

credible witness.  From there virtually every contact with your client

and/or their agents connected another fraud/deviant act.  There is

nothing whatsoever working in you or your client’s favor.  With each

passing day the loss and exposure increases for all.  The situation

created by your client is so tacky that it may be impossible for

anyone to do anything on your side without committing a crime…………I

anticipate litigating against the third parties and law firms soon to

demonstrate the indefensible situation your client is in.  Are you and

your clients ready to be held responsible for your actions and



As we will see there are a number of legal liability issues committed

by the at fault carrier/driver that opens the “legal liabilities”

policy of the trucking company, without effect on the automobile

carrier/liability.  Do you also represent the underwriters for the

trucking company’s “Legal liabilities”?  You do understand that

charging them for that potentially increases (doubles?) the policy

limits and has the “at fault” trucking company owner, dispatcher, and

driver looking at fraud as well with possible prison time???  This

could open a much larger can of worms than you may have seen before.


Further reason for us not to meet at this time is my concern of your

deviant intentions.  So far it appears everyone on your side of the

loss is criminal, and your opening is no different as stated above.

Your counterpart Jack T Frost appears to have committed a whole host

of violations as agent to your client making him appear guilty as well

as the client company and his firm for his deviant behavior.  In his

letter of July 2011, his apparent purpose of the letter appears to be

to thwart my lawful pursuit using due process and procedures.   I have

filed civil remedy filing against your client and reserve the right to

pursue Frost and his firm personally/corporately for their unlawful

action.  The following filings as well as at least one more to come

should communicate my sincerity to Frost and his firm.



My actions at this point may appear as paranoia, but my vigilance is

justified.  I think medically/psychologically they refer to this as

“hypervigilance”.  Not only is it justified in my opinion, it is

exemplified in the file, and has produced results flushing out the

parasitical nature and approach of the criminal activities of the

insurance industry.  The continued abuse sustained by legal interests

seems to indicate an industry wide epidemic that appears tantamount to

domestic terrorism.  You, your firm, other firms, and the insurance

industry appear to knowingly abuse victims and take advantage of their

plight.  The victim remains the victim as bad faith abusers continue

to destroy the consumer confidence.  The industry appears to have

developed a culture/way of life that needs to be exposed and

addressed.  Pecoraro in some way (as does his clients) likely will try

to justify his bad behavior.


Your letters/emails at almost 14 months after the loss appear as

potentially the first attempts to meet to resolve whereas the victim

has been calling for this all along.  A meeting today would merely

give a crooked insurance company and deceptive lawyers an opportunity

to state that “new information” has spurred their revelation to change

their stance.  No such information will be made available to you.  We

shall not discuss the nature of the accident or my present condition

until full acceptance of your responsibility and liability takes

place.  Very likely full acceptance has already been made by your

client putting you and I and your client all opposed to one another.

Your clients may have already documented and admitted guilt!   The

further we move down the road the worse this gets.


At this point I have ongoing medical issues including but not limited

to: Chiropractic/Massage, Neurological and Balance issues, Pulmonology

and Sleep Disorder issues, Internal Medicine issues, Endocrinology

issues, Nutritional evaluation and corrections, and may need hypobaric

treatment to overcome neurological disorders.  All of this and ongoing

tests and therapies are the responsibility of your client company

and/or their client.  Financially, I am not convinced that your policy

limitations can fully cover my expenses, and since your trucker/client

committed fraud at the scene we cannot count on their integrity.  This

implies that exercising the option to pursue your client for fraud

will help to exceed all policy limits and statutes of limitations.

Can you see how this could work counter to you and your clients?


Your client’s initial denial of the claim came on October 8, 2010 in

John R Pecoraro’s introduction.  A number of misrepresentations and

attempts to deceive (Fraud!) occurred in that letter and several were

repeated/reiterated in John R. Pecoraro’s initial filing with the

State Commissioner of Insurance. Pecoraro refers to that filing

numerous times in subsequent filings including but not limited to his

most recent filing of October 27, 2011 and 41st denial of liability.


Note that Pecoraro’s initial denial was to avoid or delay payment of

the full policy amount of USD 1,000,000.  In my letter of September

19, 2010 ( http://www.frauddocumentation.com/towergroup/castlepoint/correspondence/FourPage.htm

) your client was advised that all policy limits would soon be

exceeded based on the criminal handling noted within the first 3 weeks

of the loss by the Tower Group/CastlePoint/Aequicap adjusters, and

that E&O (Errors and Omissions Underwriters) needed to be notified.


Pecoraro’s deceptions/lies/frauds appear to be an effort to avoid or

delay a ONE MILLION dollar loss.  The letters of September 2010 and

subsequent letters revealed strategies stated by the claims adjusters

Rori Strickland, Keisha Pusey, and others.  These tactics have now

continued for over one year, and at this point the letter seems

somewhat prophetic because your client has perpetuated all the bad

faith and criminal behavior.  The stated agenda of the criminals has

now been carried through………….Further to this, a mutually agreed

recording with a Tower Group employee advised that the stated agenda

of the claims maneuvers is to potentially lower the ONE MILLION dollar

claim to a level of $800,000 because of the absolute nature of such a

terrible wreck.


Utilization of the “legal liability” coverage for the trucker/owner

should at least double these limits, thus making it appear all of

Pecoraro’s unlawful maneuvering was to avoid (or DELAY!!!) a payment

of over TWO MILLION DOLLARS which would be the full responsibility of

underwriters.  Do you see how the policy limits have now been raised?


Understand this is a rear-end collision on an open, clear stretch of

Interstate 10 with no intersection, traffic, or confusion of any

nature.  The driver creating the initial offense committed fraud at

the scene leaving you with a loss with no credible witness.  In any

court anywhere in the world this would be an absolute fault situation

for the rear vehicle.   Meanwhile your crooked client handles claims

for commercial carriers and any moron in the industry would know that

fault/responsibility/liability belongs to the commercial carrier

charged with the careless driving and at fault in the rear-end

situation.  Nothing can/will cause a shift in fault from your client.

Meanwhile, your idiot client took a frivolous stance on the fault and

then lied numerous times to substantiate their lie.  The lie and the

frivolous stance is the foundational element of the first of many

denials through the state Civil Remedy system.  Your client is deeply

entrenched in their wrongdoing, and it seems a matter of course for

their behavior.  Every time your client says my claims are false,

baseless, defamatory, without merit, etc he is clearly telling a lie

(fraud!).  Your client appears routinely and repeatedly to abuse

victims of the public in anticipation of intimidating the victim.

This is unlawful for many reasons.  Your involvement and handling of

this continues this pattern and after 41+ fraud filings it is fairly

intuitive to see your attempt at fraud.  As an agent of a crooked

company you now appear in criminal violation yourself.


Pecoraro’s stance on this claim and continued denial is an attempt to

delay payment of the policy limits (double policy limits!).  It is

clear that Pecoraro’s denials in October 2010

( http://www.frauddocumentation.com/towergroup/castlepoint/correspondence/2010.10.8Pecoraro2TW.htm

and http://www.frauddocumentation.com/media/statefiling1Aequicap.jpg  )

and subsequent dates is to avoid paying policy limits of ONE to TWO

MILLION DOLLARS.  If this was merely a property damage or injury then

the financial impact for your client would be likely by limited to the

policies at hand, but the frauds and criminal mischief of your client

are corporate handling violations often with no perceived limit of

liability, statute of limitations, or limit to punitive actions

including but not limited to prison time for those involved.  Are you

aware of this?  Are you aware that a jury could likely be persuaded to

see the 150+ attempts at fraud as each one another lie added to the

pile of deceptions in Pecoraro’s attempt to save the policy limits?

That could indicate that each lie be valued at the policy limit for a

simple award before punitive losses of 250+ million dollars?  This

seems rather simple to visualize, doesn’t it?  Your client was given

more than 40 opportunities to do the right thing, yet they did not,

and they employed an array of deviants apparently to attempt to avoid

or delay the loss.  I have gone the extra mile to allow your deviant

clients to behave properly and fairly.  They have all failed miserably

from the CEO and the Board of Directors, to management, Pecoraro, and

the claims and claim support staff.  Florida ethics requires they file

written notice of any/all unlawful behavior and they have not, thus

ALL of your witnesses will appear unethical.


Meanwhile, Tower Group has a CEO (Michael Lee) who makes well over $4

million dollars per year off this type devious handling of the public.

The company makes $40-$50 million dollars per year with this type

behavior, as does the board of directors and management.  If one

combines the annual income of the company stated, with the

directors/management incomes it is easy to see that potentially

$100-$150 million dollars per year is made through the criminal claims

management that I have experienced.  My income ability has been

affected by this devious activity and your client company and

induhviduals profit from criminal behavior.


Seven months ago (March 2011) the board of directors of Tower Group

were put on notice for the potentially criminal behavior of the claims

manager, John R Pecoraro.  It was clearly stated that since Pecoraro’s

deviant behavior was well outside of insurance/business law and since

his violations were corporate in nature without the financial effect

falling upon the reinsurance or following market that this was a

corporate level offense.  Elliot Orol, Michael Lee and the whole gang

were notified.  They were advised to appoint someone of integrity and

to intervene.  They have failed to take proper action, affirming their

intent to perpetuate bad faith handling.  They are equally responsible

for Pecoraro’s crimes and will be hard pressed to demonstrate their

lack of knowledge, especially since Lowell Aptman of the corporate

parent acknowledged the handling notice on behalf of the CEO Michael

Lee in September 2010, and continued notices forwarded (and

acknowledged) by corporate officers.  Jack T Frost’s letter(s) of July

2011 and other correspondence indicate knowledge and acknowledgements

of correspondence as well.  These actions and inactions appear in

violation of insurance ethics rules and laws, making this potentially

federal in nature.  Meanwhile, you indicate in your letters as did

Frost that you have been appointed by Tower Group, thus connecting the

dots further to the corporate parent and penetrating the corporate

veils, and of course opening up many courses of action in multiple

state and federal courts.    Frost’s letter serves to acknowledge:





Meanwhile, as you might find from an Internet search, I have written a

book (series) on fraud.  The mishandling of this case is prime example

of an entire industry and support system in what seems to be moral,

ethical, and legal decay.  The victim offered numerous times for the

right thing to be done, but the industry representatives preferred to

abuse the victim.  This case will not only make a great litigation

potential, but will serve to expose the industry and practices, and

launch a rather sensational book release.  I have advised your clients

that we could solve this privately or publicly, and their inaction

appears to be desirous of the public route.  The legal counsel

actions/inactions including Elliot Orol and Michael Lee (both lawyers)

all appear to be completely incompetent or severely dishonest.  The

media circus this could produce could bring more publicity than one

could ever buy!  Meanwhile, with 40+ million outstanding shares of

stock, then the company loses $40 million dollars with every one

dollar in stock price affected.   Does it now make sense why in March

2011 the board of directors and management were advised of a potential

SEC audit?


If a lone victim squares up against a billion dollar insurance company

it will appear as a “David and Goliath” story wherein in the devious

giant is destroyed by a youth with five smooth stones.  It appears

after 41 filings that is what you want.  We are heading towards a

media circus it appears.  If that is what you want, then we can have

it.  Everything I have done, requested, etc thus far has been clearly

communicated to you.  It is like being the “Billy Jack” of business.

You have been informed what was about to take place all along, and

your deviant clients followed the crooked path.

If your client is interested in disposing of this loss from their

balance sheet you must be aware of what we are really talking about.

It was made clear early on this has nothing to do with a policy of

insurance other than evaluating the fraud of your client.


McCausland, your letters appears an attempt at fraud to have something

to communicate following the 60 day deadline to file a response to

Civil Remedy filing number 41

( https://apps.fldfs.com/CivilRemedy/ViewFiling.aspx?fid=186967  ).

Civil Remedy #42 has been filed

( https://apps.fldfs.com/CivilRemedy/ViewFiling.aspx?fid=190510  ), and

I forsee #43 and #44 soon to come as I am already preparing them.  I

will hold off for a short period, lest all opportunities to settle

will escalate to reflect legal costs and other issues of public

concern.  In short, the offer herein is the best offer your side of

the equation will see.


Pecoraro must be removed from involvement and terminated from his

position, with no further compensation or assistance of any form from

the parent or any connected entity.


No retaliation by any named or unnamed person/entity to occur against

me or any other victims/agents in this case.  If any retaliation of

any nature occurs the legal cost to respond/defend as I see fit will

be at the cost of Tower Group.


Payment of full automobile policy limits, $1 million, to be made to

personal account of the undersigned immediately.  Replacement of all

damaged vehicles (New for Old per my choice) being held in storage at

my farm including my work truck, Porsche, and car hauler is to be made

at Tower Group/CastlePoint expense.  All damage/debris is to be

retained by the undersigned and new for old placements to take place

at the selection/discretion of the undersigned within one month of

agreement.  It is clear that much of the above is what your side has

maneuvered to miss.


As a punitive element for the sustained abuses at the hand of your

client I would like to see $30 million dollars donated to non-profit

companies of my designation within one week of my designation

following acceptance of these terms.  One payment of $10 million

dollars each is to be made to each of three 501C(3) companies

designated by me.  This is not insurance money at all, but rather

corporate profits/funding removed from an abusive company/system to

benefit the good of a broad based consumer effort.  The companies will

be involved in consumer advocacy, publications for consumer

protection/alert/advice/education, and non-profit investment group to

fund consumer protection based entities.   You can square up against

me in court and lose miserably or get a tax deductible donation.  Your



Your client is given until noon on the last day of November 2011 to

accept the above terms.  I reserve the right to file this letter in

part as an additional Civil Remedy filing opening the door for pursuit

legally of you, your firm, and the client company for allowing and

perpetrating the ongoing abuses.


Following one week after this notice if I do not get favorable

response from your client, I reserve the right to pursue any and all

third parties, individuals, groups, companies, and entities as it

suits our pursuit of losses, damages, and lawful remedies.  Civil

remedy filings will continue as I see necessary including, but not

limited to another filing concerning the Jack T Frost letter.


At a minimum all stated/quoted costs above to be doubled following a

two week wait period for response to cover the cost of counsel if/when

selected.  As this case likely appears somewhat unconventional to

those of you who seem to lack claims handling experience, you need to

understand that at each juncture the costs to settle will increase as

exposure will increase to all concerned, and that punitive and legal

costs will likely be awarded should this go to court.  A jury will

surely see this as an economic means to settle a dispute difficult to

evaluate.  Should this go to a jury we will ask for substantially more

including punitive measures, prison time, legal fees, etc, because the

abuses and delays by the insurance company will have to continue in

order for us to get to a court appearance.  Any further delay/abuse

should be seen as antagonistic, and a clear example of continued

emotional, mental, physical, and financial distress.


You have an unwinnable case that is destined to expose a company,

industry, and system in utter decay.  What will it be?  You have

approximately two weeks from the date I send this to an unconditional

acceptance or we continue.


Understand that if/when any of the parties addressed fall guilty of

fraud then all the frauds fall in to place.  There will be a bit of a

“domino effect” of liabilities and frauds.  This creates a massive

legal entanglement problem for E&O underwriters.  Your client was told

to notify them over a year ago, and very likely they are only now

privy to the potential of more than 50 cases/charges which your client

cannot adequately defend for any amount of money.


Mr. McClausland, approximately one month prior to the accident on

August 29, 2010, I was appointed as the onsite insurance

representative for oversight of the capping of the Macondo (Deepwater

Horizon) Spill in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.  The largest insurance

group in the world, Lloyd’s of London, appointed me to oversee their

interests in what may be the largest financial disaster the world has

ever known.  One month later the industry by way of Pecoraro seems to

have turned on one of their own, and they were given what appears to

be dozens of opportunities to straighten up and do right.  Do you have

any idea how difficult it is going to be to find sympathy of a jury or

consumer crowd to take your client’s side in this long-standing

deception?  Do you realize that the vast majority of the

file/documents are now public record with no need for discovery, and

maybe even no need for depositions?  Do you realize the entire board

of directors and management top to bottom is now implicated?   I am

repulsed by the incompetence, dishonesty, and deceitfulness of a

company/industry in such decay, yet I really want to move on to regain

whatever I can of my sanity, property, and health, while assisting the

public to address such behavior in the future.  We are moving towards

a media trial and there is no reason whatsoever for me to back down.

Your side has lost, but the verdict has not been handed down yet.  A

corporate pattern of fraud could easily bring about a cost of $100+

million and your client company may be asked to shoulder that burden.

If they cannot shoulder the burden, they are still destroyed in the

public arena and my book release “David takes down Goliath” will boost

book sales to compensate me for my troubles.  Meanwhile, a public

court decision removes any/all personal privacy of any/all of your

client interests.  Full disclosure allows even more media attention,

movies, etc. while your clients sit by (potentially in prison)

watching the series unfold on TV.  If you don’t think we are heading

in that direction, what direction DO YOU SEE?  You have about two

weeks.  Meanwhile, consider the potentially astronomical bad faith,

fraud, punitive (etc) court judgment possible.  This could run in the

hundreds of millions of dollars, and if it entails destruction of your

client’s company then it will work towards an incredible book launch.

You see if one manages risk properly then no matter what happens they

never lose.  Your client has failed in this regard.  The book and

media launch is worth destroying “Goliath”, isn’t it?


Meanwhile, your client's board members can anticipate an SEC

(Securities Exchange Commission) audit.  Can you now see why?   As you

and your clients may realize when fraud convictions are made a whole

host of audits public and private begin.  This could bring down the

whole house of cards?  Can you see it?  Are you ready?  Is your



Please respond prior to noon on the last day of November 2011.  I

reserve the right to utilize this as yet another Civil Remedy filing

making the cited violations and offer to settle public.




Ted Whidden




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