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Correspondence contained herein is considered a reasonable copy of the original.  During formatting some content may have been electronically altered.  In some cases names have been masked or modified to assist in connecting or protecting those involved. In several instances the disclaimer at the bottom of emails shared thru the underwriter's messaging system were removed in web formatting. It will likely be found that the use of disclaimers in their email footers is an attempt to conceal material data, and to use this as a tactic to intimidate victims. (Thus another pattern of fraud emerges.)

This posting is in response to Jack T Frost letter of July 22, 2010 to

Ted Whidden.

Consider Civil Remedy filing of August 29, 2011 and October 25, 2011,

as well as dozens of other filings on this case all found at

www.FraudDocumentation.com …….

This filing will serve multiple purposes such as: Florida Bar

Association filing against Jack T Frost and his firm; CPCU filing for

retaliation against John R Pecoraro, and Civil Remedy filing against

Tower Group for their continued hostile handling, bad faith and

associated abuses and unlawful conduct………….. See Florida filing



TO:  Jack T. Frost, Attorney at Law, c/o Green, Ackermen, and Frost,

PA, 1200 North Federal Highway, Suite 301, Boca Raton, Florida



Mr. Frost,


With a name like Jack Frost I was not sure whether to take your letter

of July 22, 2010 serious or not.  Apparently, since your client Tower

Group/John R. Pecoraro have assigned another law firm they are not

taking your letter too seriously either.   Why should I?  It appears

you no longer have a client, and that my appeal for someone of

integrity on this file has once again been disregarded by Tower

Group/Castle Point Insurance…………..


Sir you have failed in your fiduciary obligations to protect your

client and have actually opened the door for violations your client is

responsible for as you are/were acting as their agent.   In order for

this not to be construed as a “threat” I now advise you that this

letter is being forwarded to the Florida Bar Association as a

grievance against you.  You actions appear in violation of Florida Law

code.  You can explain your actions to the Bar.   This letter will

also be forwarded to the CPCU (Commercial Property and Casualty

Underwriters Association) with copy of your original letter to help

substantiate charges against your client for having an ethics/code of

conduct inquiry into the continued hostile (I believe criminal)

activity against me as victim in an accident.  You have now assisted

your client (John R Pecoraro) in providing the necessary retaliatory

measures to have them stripped of their CPCU credentials.   For this I

thank you……………


My letter herein and yours to me will be made part of Florida public

record so that Tower Group, Florida Bar, your firm, and CPCU

understand the gravity of my statements.  If my statements herein are

false then surely you will attempt some legal action behalf of

yourself or your client.  If not, then you accept the allegations as

stated.  Imagine the position you find yourself and your client



My original points in this loss are being made clearer by the slip

shod handling and appointment of incompetence by Tower Group/Pecoraro

on this case. You sir (in my opinion) are a disgrace to your

profession.  You have poorly advised your client and taken action that

puts your firm at risk.  Incompetence in this case seems to be the

norm.  Earlier your client was advised incompetence would not be a

defense.  Apparently your CPCU/SCLA endorsed client(s) depend on

others not recognizing their assaults and incompetence.   This creates

a tangled web leaving bystanders shaking their heads.  I think we need

to make a movie of this!.………………


CPCU:  The final “rule” for ethics/Code of Conduct for CPCU members

states that no retaliation for proper filing with sincere attempts

will be made by a member…

RULE 9.3 QUOTE “ A CPCU shall not retaliate against an individual for

reporting activity that the person, in good faith, believes to be a

violation of any law, rule, regulation or provision of this Code.


In your letter of July 22, 2010, page 3, paragraph 4, 5, 6 appear to

constitute retaliatory action and threats by you as an agent on behalf

of the CPCU member John R. Pecoraro.  By copy of this letter I am

writing, and your letter referenced I ask the CPCU to take action as

this constitutes the THIRD ethics filing/code of conduct inquiry that

I promised would be coming.  The criminal activity of the named member

appears to leave no limit of filings and offenses.  The CPCU should

clearly be able to see this as “actionable” to use your jargon for the

attempt at retaliation.  Should they not take action in any/all of the

three present filings we will see how pathetic their system of

enforcement of said issues is.  It is becoming clear that they (and

Tower Group) risk a tremendous amount of exposure by remaining

connected to this member.  This is clearly a violation of CPCU

ethics/guidelines.  John R Pecoraro and his associates are bringing

the industry, company, and endorsing bodies in to public awareness in

a way many would want to avoid.  At the same time I am providing a

public service by exposing this.  The courts will uphold my right and

potentially obligation to pursue continued action………………..


Florida Law Violation:  In your letter of July 22, 2010, page 3,

paragraph 4, 5, 6 may constitute retaliatory action and threats by you

as an agent on behalf of the CPCU member John R. Pecoraro.    Mr.

Frost, my filings asserting my rights as a victim and consumer are

well within my rights.  Your threats and references are clearly “Abuse

of Process” on your part and the part of your client for allowing you

as agent to act on their behalf in this manner.  This may be

actionable by the Florida Bar against you and against both you and

your client under Florida Law……..


It is actually pretty tacky of you to attempt to intimidate a victim

who is following the course of law, especially when your

professionally trained client is not.  You have helped to further

incriminate your client and outline their devious intentions.  You

have again failed in your fiduciary responsibilities to your client.

Very likely this is why your client has now selected new counsel…….


Your letter (July 22, 2011) stipulates (para 1) that your letter

represents both you and the firm.  All these violations/offenses are

duly cited against you and the firm/firm members in both Florida Bar

pursuits and any/all legal filings that could/should follow.  Clearly

you/your firm are out of line.  As this case is escalating quickly to

what could be an industry wide expose’ on corruption, then Florida

Bar, CPCU, etc need to consider how they wish to be viewed in light of

allegations/charges.  I encourage people to begin taking proper action

to avert the train wreck mentioned in March 2011.  It is coming faster

and faster.  Thus far it appears everyone on the underwriter side of

the equation who have been involved have been implicated in a wide

array of offenses, and each seems to have acted/reacted improperly.

Understand from your side of the equation people are responsible for

both their actions and lack of actions.  Silence by the board, general

counsel, etc can be determined as a crime in some circles.  Soon I

would hope that a responsible party with integrity would come



Your letter stipulates that you represent in essence all those named

in “various emails, letters, and internet posts”.  If this is indeed

the case you have expanded their offenses to your sloppily done

letter.  You appear a disgrace to your profession and the Bar.  I will

not outline all the idiocy in your letter, because it may serve little

purpose to completely humiliate you, but I remain prepared to do so if

you so desire…………….


Fraud?  Mr. Frost your paragraph two of page one indicates you have 30

years experience handling bad faith and unfair claims practices,

fraud, etc.  You seem to have learned very little.  If my claims are

not “totally without merit” as you state, then sir you may be guilty

of fraud.  Do you see it!  For the benefit of those in copy, the

“client” of Mr. Frost took a frivolous stance denying liability in a

rear end collision on an open, clear stretch of road (Interstate 10

near Live Oak, Florida).  The client clearly lied to cover their

deception committing fraud.  The client filed numerous Civil Remedy

responses committing numerous violations and offenses in their

filings, including but not limited to what appears to be nearly 50

written frauds.  Much of the correspondence and information/documents

are available online at www.FraudDocumentation.com ……………..


If there is any merit to my claim(s), then sir you have likely

committed fraud yourself.  This is “actionable” by the Bar and

you/your firm/your agents are responsible for your mis-behavior.  So

as not to be construed as a “threat” I copy the Florida Bar for their

action to begin.  You can avert further action.   I also plan to post

to the Civil Remedy system, so that the Bar and others can not hide

from the severity of these allegations.  With 30 years experience

surely you can find a good defense attorney………….The problem as shared

with your client is that once a fraud is committed then everyone has

to continue the frauds until it is admitted/addressed.  You fell in to

their trap.  If you had properly read the file you would have read

this, and understood a little more about law than you appear to

presently know.  You appear to be either incompetent or dishonest,

much as your client does.  Birds of a feather as they say!!

Meanwhile, you are responsible for your action.  You cannot blame your

deceitful client for your own deceit.  Hopefully the Bar Association

and your partners will agree………..


In your paragraph three you begin acknowledging correspondence that I

sent to your client.  Thank you for acknowledging what your client has

purposely ignored.  Your acknowledgement serves to indicate they

accepted and had full knowledge of the letters.  Once again your poor

handling has served to gaff your client undermining their strategy to

this point where they were burying their head in the sand (or

wherever).  Their failure to respond is proof of bad faith.  Your

acknowledgement assists in this proof/indication. The legal

manipulation of this loss by your client is indeed evidence of bad

faith, and since yours is the first acknowledgement of letters as far

back as March 15, March 23, and June 5, 2011, then YOU HAVE PROVED BAD

FAITH!  This is amazing.  Your apparent incompetence is astounding.

Read your letter again, study the case and return to you paragraph 2,

page 1. Your letter is a proof of bad faith!!  You have been used as a

tool to provide evidence of the unlawful behavior of your client.

(Sir, I am thinking you may be an idiot.  Not sure yet, but it appears



Sir, among your many irregular comments in your letter you state in

paragraph 1 of page 2  that my allegations are “baseless, false, and

defamatory allegations against my clients”.   Mr. Frost you have again

committed fraud.  They are not at all baseless.  Not one as I am aware

is false.  Not one single comment is defamatory.  They may be unkind,

but not defamatory.  You need to study the law apparently.   Mr. Frost

in order to commit “defamation” there must be a false statement. If

you find anything “baseless, false, and defamatory”, then point it

out, lest you are guilty of fraud for misrepresenting material fact.

If my statements are true I am entirely within my right to state it

and share it.  Just as I consider you a sloppy, incompetent lawyer to

send a letter as you have, it is true.  I am proving it, and you

haven’t a legal leg to stand on. (I would consider a lawyer

incompetent for trapping himself in a maneuver of his own doing.   For

a lawyer to do this to himself, his firm, and his client incompetence

or dishonesty seems apparent.)  There is no defamation in calling it

like it is……….


The “catch” is that if your claims were true a number of things would

have taken place.  Three months have passed since you sent your

idiotic, pathetic, and potentially unlawful letter.  NOTHING HAS

HAPPENED!  It looks like you have been removed as there is now a new

law firm addressing me on behalf of this instance.  You see, if your

letter had any merit, then someone would have taken action.  Your

letter has no merit and it actually serves to incriminate those who

hired you.  Now very likely you and your firm are responsible for your

own defense for your poor handling of this matter.  Clearly my

allegations have merit or someone would step up to the plate.  Clearly

my current assertions have merit or you will step up to the plate.

Are you ready Mr. Frost to test your 30 years of trial



Mr. Frost in your paragraph 1, of page 2, you state “Lastly, you have

contacted professional associations………….made claims of defamatory

nature against them………….damaging their professional reputations and

may cause them financial injury.”  Sir, this is within my right.

Nothing I have done is unlawful.  I am operating with the process.

The CPCU saw merit on two separate occasions to refer the complaints

out for opinion.  The opinion rendered is/was misguided, and in time

the CPCU will likely regret taking their original stance.  They may

have now been entrapped it appears by their member to protect his

criminal activity.  Meanwhile, they may now have documentation

developing in their own file that he filed improper

responses/information with them during the inquiry.  This trend is

apparent and seems to permeate his unlawful activity.  I anticipate

they shall soon see in their own records the caliber of their member.

Clearly, they need to take the action above for yours/his retaliation

or risk greater exposure of their own incompetence and exposure of

activities.  Mr. Frost you are working AGAINST your



Fraud:  Mr. Frost, following from the above quote you appear to have

committed yet another actionable fraudulent statement, “The statements

you have made are utterly false and without merit, and they constitute

defamation per se in that they depict my clients as engaging in

fraudulent activity that violates civil and criminal law.”  Mr. Frost

you have committed fraud.  All statements are truthful, with merit,

and none of them constitute defamation.  Your assertion is improper.

Where you might want to reject the stance I have taken, it does not

allow you to commit a fraud, nor does your position negate your fraud.

 You have lied on behalf of yourself, your firm, your client, and all

those named, per your own letter.  I guess this is common in your

practice.  I anticipated a crooked company would employ a crooked

lawyer.  You make many of my points for me.  Birds of a

feather………………Frost, you have committed many “actionable” violations.

If your client had a leg to stand on they would sue in court, but they

encircle themselves with incompetence and dishonesty, using

intimidation.  Do you realize your letter now serves as proof for my

earlier assertions of:  Intentional infliction of emotional distress,

and negligent infliction of emotional distress, bad faith, fraud,

attempted fraud, abuse of process, etc?  Mr. Frost see my filing of

August 29, 2011 which seems “prophetic” in part by addressing so many

aspects of your letter.

(https://apps.fldfs.com/CivilRemedy/ViewFiling.aspx?fid=186967 )…………………


In your paragraph 2 of page 2, you claim your clients will no longer

standby and allow this misconduct to continue………….Mr. Frost this

appears to be a lie.  Three months have passed and no action taken.

Tell the truth.  You sent a shoddily done lawyer letter to intimidate

a victim in an accident.  Your letter is hollow and void of power.

Your assertions are wrong, and in many ways considered unlawful.  You

appear an idiot as does your client for this continued abusive

behavior.  You have further incriminated your clients.  If this is not

true, then take action!!  What a pathetic bunch of



If your client has serious and irreparable damage injury to their

reputation and business, then surely they would have taken action, or

will.  Everyone watching the case from the sidelines has got to

realize my statements are true, otherwise you or they would take

action.  To the extent that it continues, all the deviants involved

escalate the damages, losses, charges, etc.  Imagine!  I can now sue

your law firm and win!  Your own letter may put you in a position to

be barred from practicing law in the state of Florida.  I may not even

need ammunition for dealing with idiots like you.  You provide all I

need, same as Pecoraro.  If your clients have real damages, then it is

now your obligation to provide me the nature of any/all false

statements, to provide me with their quantification of losses, and

their costs incurred, including but not limited to your billing.  If

you do not provide this, then you admit to merely making noise with no

merit.  Send the bills and the quantification of your/their losses

that you wish to seek recovery on.  Otherwise, pound sand!  Your

threats are hollow and without merit.  You know it……………..


Mr. Frost and those in copy, your devious letter demanding your legal

fees should open the door for me to collect my legal fees from your

side.  You see, your side is guilty.  In some ways I needed a jack ass

attorney claim for his fees on behalf of his criminal client to make

it easier for the jury/court to see the abuses and allow my legal

recoveries.  Your letter is not only poorly done, it just increased

your client’s settlement costs by an estimated 50%!!!  If I hire an

attorney on a normal split they will pay that amount over and above

any amount to me!!  You are very costly for your client.  Have you

considered retirement?.....................


Referring to page 2, center of page:

1)       Websites as originally presented remain in tact.  It is lawful in

all respects.  Test it if you will.  Your failure and the failure of

your client to take action indicate to all in copy that you haven’t

the legal grounds to address this issue, but you sure wish you had

grounds.  I could help you in  that regard, but we don’t work well

together it appears.  I would not want to hire such an


2)      As I am aware no defamatory statements have been made.  Please

point out all such comments with specificity in order for me to review

content.  If you list no comments, then you and I are in agreement

that none are defamatory, and of course that may make certain aspects

of your letter “fraud” on your part.  If you fail to respond, then

this will likely be construed as an admission of fraud on your part.

If/when Pecoraro is convicted of his crimes you will also be in

position to be convicted of yours.  It is a pretty tangled web

representing a client who commits fraud routinely.  Birds of a


3)      Compensation for libelous conduct.  Feel free to point me to the

libelous statement(s) and associated costs at any time………….

Mr. Frost your mishandling of this loss may serve to incriminate you,

your firm and your client.  Are you aware of the severe incompetence

you are displaying?  Are you aware of the costs and strains you are

bringing upon me?  I hold you, your firm, and your client responsible

for any/all damages, stresses, strains, and distractions brought on by

this callous behavior.  You will be responsible for any/all fees

occurring as a result of having to address and deal with the

violations to which you can  be connected………….


Mr. Frost, you state that letters I have sent to various organizations

contain falsehoods.  Please prepare to present these falsehoods.  If

you cannot, then your statements constitute fraud.  Upon conviction of

your client, then your conviction is eminent if charged.  Do you have

enough law experience to see how this works?  You must now express in

writing what these falsehoods are.  If you cannot it is admission of

guilt in a fraud case again!  It is indeed a tangled web…………..


Your letter page two bottom paragraph states that your client intends

to base a defamation action against me.  Is this true?  If it is not,

then you have lied again.  If it is true, then let it happen.  Let’s

dance!!  You are a liar and appear as an idiot as does your



Mr. Frost in your page 3, paragraph 1, you state letter of March 15,

2011 WILL BE INCLUDED in the anticipated action.  March 23, 2011 WILL

BE INCLUDED in the anticipated action.  June 23, 2011 WILL BE INCLUDED

in the anticipate action.  Bring it on my friend, otherwise you have

lied again, correct?...........


Mr. Frost, you very likely no longer have a client.  Your client has

now apparently opted to get away from your slipshod counsel because I

have yet another law firm contacting me.  For this reason and many

others your “Demand for Proof of Bodily Injury” is not to be complied

with.  This appears to be potentially the first apparent interest in

finding out the status of the long-standing and agonizing details of

this loss.  Unfortunately, your approach is with malice and from a bad

faith stance.  You state Florida Law referring to what appears to be

an allegation you are insinuating.  Mr. Frost you are a very brave,

but hardly competent induhvidual.  If you wish to file felony fraud

against me, then please proceed.  You do realize this will require you

explain fraud, concepts of fraud, and the nature of the events leading

to this juncture where we find ourselves.  What a supreme level of

incompetence you demonstrate!  Let’s go!  I want to see this action.

Your attempted threat on my person/integrity is an act of intimidation

on your part and makes you guilty of Intentional Infliction of

Emotional Distress, and/or Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.

 Your letter is designed to harass and intimidate.  Fortunately, my

condition comes and goes and I can address your assaults at times.  I

hope to be on more solid physical/health foundations to address this

callous handling of an absolute fault case.  You and your client could

pre-empt that by striking first.  You really seem to be poorly

prepared for a legal case of any regard, so I see you as a fairly

pathetic player in this drama.…………………..


Frost, in your final paragraph you state, “Since a stated purpose of

this letter is to attempt to engage in negotiations for settlement

purposes, this should be considered a confidential communications

between the parties.”  Mr. Frost your letter is a letter of

intimidation.  There is no good will extended, and no admission of

guilt/liability by your client.  Why should I provide any

documentation to your client without them accepting a level of

responsibility?  Your letter is misleading, your final statements

appear in error.


At your insistence wherein you close with “GOVERN YOURSELF

ACCORDINGLY” in bold print.  I choose to bring charges via Civil

Remedy against your client, reserve the right to litigate against you,

your firm, and those named in the numerous filings.  I choose to admit

this as evidence of retaliatory action by your client (CPCU member

John R Pecoraro) in yet the third ethics and code of conduct inquiry

in this case.  You should have governed yourself better in my opinion.


Frostie, what you now have realized is I have directly violated many

if not all of your mandates in your shitty little letter of July 22,

2011.  At this point you either admit guilt by your actions/inactions,

or you make another move.  What is it going to be?  Your client will

now be required to pay any/all legal costs over and above any

settlement.  You have cost your client dearly.  (It is kind of funny

that your email is gaflaw.com because your letter seems to have gaffed

your client pretty good!)




Ted Whidden




---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Lovisone, Chris <clovisone@twrgrp.com>

Date: Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 3:35 PM

Subject: Out of Office: CPCU Third Filing against John R Pecoraro/Response to Jack T Frost

To: Ted Whidden <tedwhidden@gmail.com>



I will be out of the office traveling on business beginning Monday, Oct. 24, not returning to the office until Monday, Oct. 31.  I will respond to your message as soon as possible.

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From: Claxton, John <jclaxton@twrgrp.com>

Date: Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 3:35 PM

Subject: Out of Office: CPCU Third Filing against John R Pecoraro/Response to Jack T Frost

To: Ted Whidden <tedwhidden@gmail.com>



Please be advised I will be working out of the office from Monday October 24th until Tuesday November 1st.  I will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Thank you,


John Claxton

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From: Popow, Donna <Popow@theinstitutes.org>

Date: Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 3:35 PM

Subject: Out of Office: CPCU Third Filing against John R Pecoraro/Response to Jack T Frost

To: Ted Whidden <tedwhidden@gmail.com>



I will be out of the office beginningl Oct. 21, 2011, returning OCt. 27, 2011.   During the time that I am away I will  have limited access to e-mail.  If you need an immediate response please contact Liz Sheely.

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From: Maier, Gary <GMaier@twrgrp.com>

Date: Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 3:34 PM

Subject: Out of Office: CPCU Third Filing against John R Pecoraro/Response to Jack T Frost

To: Ted Whidden <tedwhidden@gmail.com>



I will be out of the office on company business on Oct. 24th - 26th.  If you need immediate assistance, please call  Angelica Facchini (212-655-2078) or Bruce Sanderson (631-465-1301).  Thank you.


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2011.7.22  Jack T Frost letter sent on behalf of Tower Group apparently under the direction of John R Pecoraro.  Jack Frost 1, Jack Frost 2, Jack Frost 3, Jack Frost 4








Supreme Court ruled unanimously written by Judge William Rehnquist concerning Hustler Magazine v Jerry Falwell

"At the heart of the First Amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas and opinions on matters of public interest and concern. The freedom to speak one's mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty – and thus a good unto itself – but also is essential to the common quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole."

Supreme Court Judge Scalia wrote concerning Pope v Illinois

"Just as there is no use arguing about taste, there is no use litigating about it."

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