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Correspondence contained herein is considered a reasonable copy of the original.  During formatting some content may have been electronically altered.  In some cases names have been masked or modified to assist in connecting or protecting those involved. In several instances the disclaimer at the bottom of emails shared thru the underwriter's messaging system were removed in web formatting. It will likely be found that the use of disclaimers in their email footers is an attempt to conceal material data, and to use this as a tactic to intimidate victims. (Thus another pattern of fraud emerges.)


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Date: Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 4:05 PM
Subject: Good Faith Violation and Abuses by a Florida Adjuster/Underwriter group
To: info@twrgrp.com

Attn: Mr. Michael Lee

Mr. Lee,

I am presently involved as a victim in a Bad Faith claim handling
situation.  I am not only the victim of the mis-handling of an
insurance issue, I am the victim of a collision in which one of your
assureds is fully responsible.  Your handling agent in the situation
is abusing every contact or opportunity they get.  I am not sure if
this is typically the type and style of handling agent/adjuster that
you use, but once your company is informed it would seem that your
company either becomes party to the problem or condone such behavior.

I am looking for some relief in an abusive situation in which your
handling agent, Aequicap, is abusing the handling opportunity you have
given them.  I advise you so that you can choose to support them or
advise them to straighten up and operate correctly.

As they are your agent in the coverage issue, and as they are
rejecting the coverage of the assured without cause, and for numerous
other reasons with supports provided to the Division of Business and
Professional Regulations, and the Insurance Commissioner, I would
think that you may wish to have your people look into their violations
and their handling of insurance issues on your behalf.





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