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Correspondence contained herein is considered a reasonable copy of the original.  During formatting some content may have been electronically altered.  In some cases names have been masked or modified to assist in connecting or protecting those involved. In several instances the disclaimer at the bottom of emails shared thru the underwriter's messaging system were removed in web formatting. It will likely be found that the use of disclaimers in their email footers is an attempt to conceal material data, and to use this as a tactic to intimidate victims. (Thus another pattern of fraud emerges.)


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From: www.tedwhidden.com>

<The Desk of Ted Whidden>
Date: Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 3:58 PM
Subject: Re: ACF1001306
To: Keisha Pusey

<Keisha Pusey@aequicap.com>
Cc: Rori Strickland <RoriStrickland@aequicap.com>, jPecoraro@aequicap.com, Florida Department of Financial Services <ServicePoint@???.com>, Michael Lee <info@twrgrp.com> , Insurance Commissioner <InsuranceCommissioner@???.com>, dbrill@windstream.net

Ms. Pusey,

Please forward copy of the following to Mr. Michael Lee

and his assistant.  They seem to be somewhat confused as to their role and
responsibilities.  This seems to plague this loss/claim/situation.

I apologize in advance if my letter appears to come from someone who
is a little "rattled", that is really the reason/explanation for why
we all "met".  You see, I was run over by a truck on a long, clear,
open road from behind.  We were shoved 133 feet by a raging 18
wheeler, while the back windows of the truck/car were blown out, with
the roar of a semi-truck at what appears to be 100MPH racing 16 feet
from my head.  Since the truck seats broke under impact we were laying
out for 133 feet of hell prior to the truck driver waking up from his
nap and hitting the brakes.  We then spun down the highway for
hundreds and hundreds of feet completing the last 165 feet in reverse
at 50mph before slamming to a stop.  I am sure your highway study has
revealed all that to you.  Our video recreation of aspects of the
accident will demonstrate this clearly for a jury.  Thus far those who
have seen the footage either puke or cry.  I think it might serve the
purpose just right.

Subsequent to the first truck accident where I was run over, you
attempted to run over us again with the claims process. I advised both
you and Ms. Strickland that I had a background in what you do, and was
not interested in the lies and deceit I recognized at every turn.  You
were both advised.
In my opinion, you and your counterpart are a disgrace to the
profession.   If the state allows you to keep your license I would be
amazed.  I will be reviewing their file and keeping up with those
developments as well.

What you will find is the last three pages of the attachments are
actually first, and the 8 page letter to Michael Lee

starts around
about page 4.  I would have straightened this out, but things are a
little foggy for me at times.  You can now see why I had to take such
incredibly detailed notes of our recorded conversations, and ask you
to revert to written communications via e-mail.  Our recorded
conversations may be used to substantiate or verify your statements in
the state audit which is underway.

Some of the concepts in the letter may be foreign to you and yours.
They are concepts of insurance.  They are virtually universal.  If
your manager really is CPCU and SCLA, and if he really exists, then
you may be able to find guidance on deeper knowledge on these topics,
meanwhile his licenses may subject him to a level of responsibility
for his failure to teach, train, and/or provide proper oversight in
these areas.  I will be looking to recourse and personal
responsibility levels of license holders should the momentum and
direction of the file change from the brisk forward motion initiated
with the state involvement.




(LINK TO 'letter number two with att.pdf")


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